Idiom Phrases Set 8

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Idiom Phrases Set 8

Idiom Phrases are a very important part of vocabulary section. In Idiom Phrases (Muhavre in Hindi) A few words can be used for a sentence. That few words argument with the meaning of that sentence.
idiom phrases

Q1. Set tongues wagging
(a) be easy to pronounce
(b) encourage gossip
(c) to be curious
(d) wait eagerly

Q2. Make no bones
(a) without offence
(b) to be practical
(c) undaunted by anything
(d) to be honest and open

Q3. Turn one’s back
(a) object to
(b) retain aversion
(c) refuse help
(d) run off

Q4. Be hand in glove
(a) remain faithful
(b) spread rapidly
(c) in ignorance
(d) in close association

Q5. Head to toe
(a) deliberately
(b) continuously
(c) often
(d) completely

Q6. Work like a Trojan
(a) face difficulties
(b) take trouble
(c) to imitate
(d) work very hard

Q7. A shot in the arm
(a) to take revenge
(b) to stimulate a person
(c) to show strength
(d) to behave in an agitated manner

Q8. Tongue in cheek
(a) to conceal
(b) to admonish
(c) to be ironic
(d) to be in agreementidiom phrases

Q9. A nail in someone’s coffin
(a) something bad that contributes towards someone’s failure
(b) something irrelevant to the subject
(c) to make money unfairly
(d) to make someone feel uncomfortable or embarrassed

Q10. A man of the world
(a) headstrong and arrogant
(b) highly experienced in many fields
(c) very popular because of success
(d) a man of wit or genius

Q11. A leap in the dark
(a) a random guess or a risky attempt
(b) a mistake that cannot be rectified
(c) to get wounded
(d) unusual behaviour

Q12. A flash in the pan
(a) an incorrect piece of reasoning
(b) sudden but brief success
(c) a mixture of many types
(d) among other things

Q13. A blot on the landscape
(a) something that spoils a situation
(b) criminal action against someone
(c) receive severe criticism
(d) have more useful things to do

Q14. Go all out
(a) to make progress
(b) try one’s hardest
(c) to criticize somebody
(d) influence totally

Q15. World’s apart
(a) too unfriendly
(b) be widely separated
(c) old-fashioned
(d) everywhere in the world

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