Idiom Phrases Set 12

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Idiom Phrases Set 12

Idiom Phrases are a very important part of vocabulary section. In Idiom Phrases (Muhavre in Hindi) A few words can be used for a sentence. That few words argument with the meaning of that sentence.

Idiom Phrases

Q1. All Thumps
(a) To give your best
(b) Awkward and clumsy especially with one’s hands
(c) To examine thoroughly
(d) To stop some activity, to stop working and go home.

Q2. Be in the swim
(a) To keep oneself informed and up-to-date.
(b) To refuse to do what someone else wants.
(c) To pursue a line of thought or course of action that is misguided.
(d) Someone who is completely crazy.

Q3. Feather brained
(a) To show that you do not support something.
(b) Silly or often forgetting things
(c) To be over excited
(d) To take a balanced diet.

Q4. Hear it on grapevine
(a) To hear stories regularly
(b) To listen news carefully.
(c) To hear rumors about something or someone.
(d) To continue to listen songs.

Q5. Between the cup and the lips.
(a) On the point of achievement
(b) By any means
(c) Straight talks
(d) To take on a task that is way too big.

Q6. Bend over backwards
(a) To choose between two alternative choices.
(b) In anxiety
(c) Do whatever it takes to help, willing to do anything.
(d) To bend one’s body the way one wants.

Q7. Can’t cut the mustard.
(a) Someone who is not adequate enough to compete or participate.
(b) Angry about something that occurred in the past.
(c) Someone who is not able to walk properly.
(d) Someone who doesn’t believe in God.

Q8. Gall and wormwood
(a) Source of irritation
(b) To be ready
(c) To gamble everything you have
(d) Very intimate friends.

Idiom Phrases

Q9. Mumbo Jumbo
(a) To keep quiet
(b) Nonsense or meaningless speech.
(c) To participate in a competition.
(d) Here and there

Q10. Funny farm
(a) A mental institutional facility
(b) To laugh at someone
(c) To make funny expressions
(d) To get funny remarks

Q11. Get your walking papers.
(a) Compromise
(b) Get fired from the job
(c) To be received gracefully
(d) To sign on papers

Q12. Know the ropes
(a) Unable to understand
(b) Main support
(c) To understand the details
(d) To climb on a rope.

Q13. Free and easy
(a) Natural and simple
(b) From this time into the future.
(c) To get free commodity
(d) To recover from illness.

Q14. Level playing field
(a) To play in the field.
(b) A fair competition where no side has an advantage
(c) Energetic
(d) To promote at a higher position.

Q15. For the time being
(a) Temporarily
(b) Forever
(c) To leave from a place before time
(d) To be punctual


1. (B)    2. (A)     3. (B)      4. (C)      5. (A)     6. (C)     7. (A)    8. (A)    9. (B)      10. (A)
11. (B)         12. (C)         13. (A)        14. (B)      15. (A)

For Answers and Explanation of Rest of the Questions


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