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Current Affairs

Get the latest updates and download Monthly Current Affairs for all upcoming competitive exams.

Current affairs @ are not newspaper posts. We have entered only those content here which might been asked in the question paper in some form or the other. So read less and learn more is the way of thinking of Sehpaathi. Pay Special attention to bold items. If you like it do share us among your friends.

Read and download monthly collection of Current Affairs and General Knowledge for upcoming Competitive Exams.

This page is constantly updated for latest happenings and current affairs. So keep visiting this page for latest information.

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  • October 2015  Read Here Or Download [wpdm_package id=’3397′]
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  • December 2014 Read Here Or Download  [wpdm_package id=’1775′]
  • January 2015 Read Here Or [wpdm_package id=’1779′]
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