India’s Youngest Patent Holder: Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati


India’s Youngest Patent Holder: Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati

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Here is our range of inspirational stories of people who have some magnificent achievements despite hardships and showed us a way on how we can overpower the difficulties and get successful. In this series we will be covering over 20 stories from different areas and achievements.

hridayeshwar singh bhati Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati,a child genius from Jaipur, is India’s youngest patent holder at the age of 9. His invention, a Circular Chess for 2,3,4,6 players also made him world’s youngest disabled Patent holder. Hridayeshwar suffers from Duchene Muscular Dystrophy. It is a disorder that stops the brain from sending signals to the muscles, eventually leading to muscle degeneration .But this boy didn’t let his disability become his weakness.

Inception of idea, to design a multi-player chess game began in his mind in 2010.He was playing chess with his father Mr. Sarowar Singh Bhati (recipient of the Indira Priyadarshini National Award in mathematics); a friend came in and asked if he could join in too. As a regular game of chess allows only two players,  Hridayeshwar decided to make a chessboard where more than two people could play at a time. This led to two-year research and this young mind came up with 199 ideas for his unique chessboard. “But every plan had one drawback or another. I wanted a design that confirmed the established rules of the game”, said Hridayeshwar, a then Class IV student. Finally in 2011, the 200th idea designed in six months, satisfied him. His father (a renowned maths teacher) assisted him in resolving the geometrical complications. Hridayeshwar ‘s chessboard is circular and a metre in diameter, where half-a-dozen players can play in teams of two or three players each. It has 228 playing squares instead of   64 in the traditional two-player board. The colours of the squares are regular, alternate light and dark   and the pieces are divided into six colours, set to move in standard manner. All sets of pieces are separated by non-playing red rectangles between the respective rooks. This enables the board to keep the traditional moves intact. The design was sent to   Kolkata based patent controller of   Union government in July 2011. The patent certificate was issued on March 23, 2012, triggering celebration in the Bhati household. The young chap later Developed prototypes for 12 player and 60 player chess, patents for which are also with him. 

Hridayeshwar found his idol in great Stephen Hawkins.  “Great Stephen Hawkins has given rare achievement to world, despite hardship”, quotes Hridayeshwar .He also aspires to become a scientist like him. Despite his disabilities, he remains happy and loves to keep others happy too. His achievement has been included in case studies of management   institutions to motivate and inspire future corporate leaders. He is a strongest contender of many National and International disability awards such as Helen Keller Award, Mphasis Universal Design Award, and Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment disability awards.

Hridayeshwar often quoted as “Wonder Boy” and “Mini Stephen Hawking” is really an inspiration for all of us. He teaches us that troubles and obstacles are part of life, but we should not let them influence the course of our life .We should never lose hope and let the difficulties overpower our mind and soul.

Sehpaathi Team salutes the efforts and courage of this young genius. We wish him a great and successful life .May he achieve all his goals and continue to be an inspiration for all of us.

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