Idiom Phrases Set 13

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Idiom Phrases Set 13

Idiom Phrases are a very important part of vocabulary section. In Idiom Phrases (Muhavre in Hindi) A few words can be used for a sentence. That few words argument with the meaning of that sentence.

Directions (1-15): In the following questions, out of the four alternatives, select the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase.

Idiom PhrasesQ1. Turn a blind eye
(a) Not able to see the obvious truth
(b) Hide the ugly truth from someone
(c) Pretend not to notice
(d) Stay away from bad habits

Q2. Up a blind alley

(a) Hiding something intentionally from another person
(b) Not warning a person who is in danger
(c) One can enjoy thrills only if one takes risk
(d) Following a course of action that is certain to lead to an undesirable outcome

Q3. Blood is thicker than water

(a) Relations are more important than merit
(b) All crimes are not equal so punishment for murder is not same as that of theft
(c) Family relationships and loyalties are the strongest and most important ones
(d) Deceit from a family member hurts more than being cheated by strangers

Q4. The squeaky wheel gets the grease

(a) The most noticeable problems are the ones most likely to get attention
(b) One unfortunate child always keep getting punished
(c) The person who complains the most is hated the most
(d) The favourite child or student gets the most attention

Q5. Run out of steam 
(a) To lose impetus or enthusiasm
(b) To work quickly like a machine
(c) To give up easily
(d) No more money to spend

Idiom PhrasesQ6. To go for broke

(a) To risk everything in an all-out effort
(b) Failure in relationship or partnership
(c) Losing all money in an effort to revive a failing business
(d) To start again after failing in a business.

Q7. To sleep with the fishes

(a) Always be in a dream world
(b) To make absurd excuses
(c) To sleep peacefully
(d) To be dead

Q8. To go down like a lead balloon

(a) Losing all the money while gambling
(b) An idea on which one has a lot of hope, but it falls
(c) Failure in business or venture
(d) A speech, proposal, or joke that is poorly received

Q9. To get one’s walking papers

(a) One has the right to entry within a country or community
(b) One is discharged from a hospital or mental asylum
(c) One can leave
(d) One is free of imprisonment

Q10. There’s no such thing as a free lunch

(a) It isn’t possible to get something for nothing
(b) There is no genuine kindness is this world
(c) Even a mother will expect something for her love
(d) Those who are tempted by free things, end up spending more

Idiom PhrasesQ11. Beating around the bush
(a) Not accepting the real issue and solving minor problems
(b) To avoid getting to the point of an issue
(c) To run around in circles and never accomplishing results
(d) Avoiding coming face to face with a problem, escaping

Q12. To beat a dead horse
(a) To revive interest in hopeless issue
(b) A cruel master will expect a slave to work even after his death
(c) To extract everything from a resource till it fails
(d) Doing a cruel act

Q13. To chew someone out

(a) To bore someone by talking ceaselessly
(b) To discourage someone who is going to start a new venture
(c) Reprimand someone severely
(d) To save someone

Q14. To chip on his shoulder

(a) To have huge responsibilities on one’s shoulders
(b) Uniform decorated with stars and medals
(c) Wearing your battle scars like medals
(d) Holding a grudge or grievance that readily provokes a fight

Q15. To shoot the breeze

(a) To do random acts hoping one will be successful
(b) To have a casual conversation
(c) To release stomach gases
(d) To brag about some mild achievement


1. (C)    2. (D)     3. (C)      4. (A)      5. (A)     6. (A)     7. (D)    8. (D)    9. (C)      10. (A)
11. (B)         12. (A)         13. (C)        14. (D)      15. (B)

For Answers and Explanation of Rest of the Questions


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