Current Affairs For 27th October 2023


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Q1.When is Prime Minister Modi scheduled to attend the installation of Lord Ram’s idol at the Ayodhya Temple?

  1. January 22
  2. February 22
  3. March 22
  4. April 22

Ans:- 1) January 22

  • The Shri Ram Janambhoomi Trust extended a significant invitation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, requesting his presence at the installation of Lord Ram’s idol in the sacred ‘Garbhagriha’ of the Ram Mandir at the Ayodhya temple. Prime Minister Modi graciously accepted the invitation.
  • Having accomplished the ground-level construction of the three-story Ram temple, the temple trust has chosen the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti, January 14, for the commencement of Ram Lalla’s consecration.
  • This event marks an extraordinary milestone in the history of Ayodhya and India, embodying the realization of a cherished dream for millions. As Prime Minister Modi graces the occasion on January 22, the nation will witness the culmination of a decades-long journey towards the establishment of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya.


Q2.Who has replaced the missing Defence Minister Li Shangfu in China?

  1. Xi Jinping
  2. Li Keqiang
  3. Wang Yang
  4. Yang Jiechi

Ans:- 2)Li Keqiang

  • China’s Defense Minister, Li Shangfu, was recently relieved of his position. Additionally, he was also ousted from the Central Military Commission and his role as one of China’s five state councillors, both of which hold considerable state authority. The National People’s Congress endorsed this decision, although his successor was not disclosed.
  • Since late August, Li had not made any public appearances, fueling speculation about his whereabouts. This development follows the removal of former Foreign Minister Qin Gang in July.
  • It’s worth noting that the role of the defense minister in China is largely ceremonial. While responsible for representing military diplomacy with foreign nations, the defense minister does not wield command authority, as that prerogative rests with the Central Military Commission.


Q3. Who was elected as the new Speaker of the US House of Representatives?

  1. Mike Johnson
  2. Mitch McConnell
  3. Chuck Schumer
  4. Kevin McCarthy

Ans:- 1)Mike Johnson

  • Republican Congressman Mike Johnson from Louisiana has emerged as the newly elected Speaker of the House of Representatives, bringing an end to three weeks of political uncertainty in the United States.
    In a divided Congress, Mike Johnson secured the election with a vote of 220 to 209. A seasoned 51-year-old lawyer, Johnson boasts four terms as a Congressman representing Louisiana’s Fourth Congressional District.
    The position of the Speaker of the House of Representatives is one of paramount influence in the nation’s political landscape. It holds the distinction of being third in line of succession following the U.S. President.


Q4. What service has India partially resumed for Canadians?

  1. Passport Services
  2. Visa Services
  3. Citizenship Services
  4. Travel Advisory Services

Ans:- 2) Visa Service

  • India has recently made the decision to recommence visa services for Canadians in four specific categories: entry, business, medical reasons, and conferences. Emergency cases will still be prioritized.
  • Tensions had arisen in the India-Canada relationship following a disagreement over the incident involving a Sikh separatist in British Columbia. This led to India suspending visa services for Canadians on a global scale.
  • Both the High Commission of India in Ottawa and Indian consulates in Toronto and Vancouver had temporarily suspended these services, citing “safety and security considerations.”


Q5.What is the name of the world’s largest ghost particle detector being built in China?

  1. Neptune
  2. Poseidon
  3. Trident
  4. Atlantis

Ans:- 3) Trident

  • China is embarking on a groundbreaking endeavor by constructing an immense telescope in the western Pacific Ocean. The primary mission of this massive facility is to detect elusive particles known as “ghost particles” or neutrinos. This ambitious undertaking will result in the world’s largest neutrino-detecting telescope.
  • Neutrinos are a type of electron but, like neutrons, they do not have any charge. They are among the most abundant particles in our universe. Understanding neutrinos carries immense significance because they hold the potential to unravel one of the cosmos’s most perplexing mysteries: the origins of cosmic rays.
  • Situated in the South China Sea, this monumental apparatus, Trident, is projected to span a staggering 7.5 cubic kilometers. TRIDENT is set to be finished by 2030. At present, the most extensive neutrino-detecting telescope is the “IceCube” at the University of Madison-Wisconsin, nestled deep in the Antarctic.


Q6.When is the 12th edition of the Bengaluru Literature Festival scheduled to start?

  1. December 12
  2. December 2
  3. November 12
  4. November 2

Ans:- 2) December 2

  • The 12th edition of the Bengaluru Literature Festival, a two-day event, is scheduled to commence at The Lalit Ashok, Bengaluru on December 2. The festival is poised to host approximately 250 authors, including esteemed figures like Jnanpith awardee Chandrashekhara Kambara, renowned writers Chetan Bhagat, Ramachandra Guha, and Perumal Murugan, among others.
  • This year, the festival will unfold at two distinctive venues: Seonee and Malgudi. These names bear special significance in the literary realm. Seonee draws its inspiration from the hills where Mowgli was raised, as vividly described in Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book.” On the other hand, Malgudi is an ode to the fictional town from R K Narayan’s timeless novel “Swami and Friends.”
  • Beyond being a vibrant literary gathering, the Bengaluru Literature Festival serves as a platform to acknowledge and promote talent. This year, the festival will showcase the Atta Galatta literary prize, a tribute to exceptional contributions to Indian literature. It stands as a commendation for those who have left an indelible mark on the world of words.


Q7. What recent development has been approved by the government in Uttarakhand?

  1. Construction of a new highway
  2. Jamrani Dam Multipurpose Project
  3. Expansion of a wildlife sanctuary
  4. Establishment of a new university

Ans:- 2)Jamrani Dam Multipurpose Project

  • The Indian central government has granted approval to include the Jamrani Dam Multipurpose Project in Uttarakhand within the ambit of the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana-Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme (PMKSY-AIBP).
  • This initiative entails the construction of a dam in close proximity to Jamrani village, situated along the Gola River, a tributary of the Ram Ganga River in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand.
  • In support of this endeavor, the Central government is allocating Rs 1,557 crore to Uttarakhand for the successful completion of the Jamrani Dam project. The overall project cost is estimated at Rs 2,584 crore, with an anticipated completion date set for March 2028.


Q8.Where was the Green Tourism Conclave for Responsible Tourism in Northeast hosted?

  1. Delhi
  2. Shillong
  3. Kolkata
  4. Guwahati

Ans:- 2)Shillong

  • In Shillong, a Green Tourism Conclave was held with a central aim of fostering eco-conscious and socially responsible tourism in India, with a particular focus on the Northeastern region and Odisha. The event, hosted at Shillong’s state convention center, brought together significant stakeholders in the tourism sector, including delegates from Meghalaya Tourism, Incredible India, Odisha Tourism, and Arunachal Tourism. Bah Paul Lyngdoh, Meghalaya’s Tourism Minister, presided over the event as the chief guest.
  • The conclave underscored the significance of sustainable luxury travel, emphasizing that travelers can indulge in opulent experiences while upholding respect for the environment and local cultures. This session offered insights into how the hospitality and tourism industry can deliver high-end services in an eco-friendly and responsible manner.


Q9.What is the proposed investment for the establishment of the Graphene Production Facility by the Kerala government?

  1.  ₹327 Crore
  2. ₹237 Crore
  3. ₹147 Crore
  4. ₹437 Crore

Ans:- 2) ₹237 Crore

  • In a recent cabinet meeting, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan made the decision to establish an innovative graphene production facility. The facility will operate under a public-private partnership model and is projected to necessitate an investment of ₹237 crore.
  • The Kerala Digital University will oversee the implementation, while the Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (KINFRA) will serve as a special purpose vehicle for infrastructure development.
  • Graphene, often lauded as the world’s thinnest and strongest material, boasts an array of exceptional properties. It demonstrates outstanding chemical stability, high electrical conductivity, and a broad surface area, all while maintaining transparency and a lightweight structure. These attributes position it as a material with immense potential for applications across various industries.


Q10.How much subsidy has the Centre approved for key fertilizers?

  1. 22,303 Crore ₹
  2. 10,000 Crore ₹
  3. 30,000 Crore ₹
  4. 15,000 Crore ₹

Ans:- 1)22,303 Crore ₹

  • The Indian government has recently announced alterations in the subsidy rates for crucial fertilisers, which include nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), and sulphur (S). Despite the global surge in prices, the government is committed to ensuring that fertilisers remain accessible and affordable for Indian farmers.
  • Between October and March, subsidies for N, P, K, and S have been reduced compared to the period from April to September. The subsidy for nitrogen has decreased by 38%, phosphorus by 49%, potassium by 84%, and sulphur by 32.5%.
  • Urea will continue to receive substantial subsidies, priced at Rs 266 per bag. Complex fertilisers such as DAP will be available at Rs 1,350 per bag, NPK varieties at an average of Rs 1,470 per bag, and MOP at Rs 1,655 per bag.
  • The revision in subsidies is projected to incur an expenditure of Rs 22,303 crore for the government. The total subsidy on non-urea fertilisers is expected to reach approximately Rs 60,000 crore, marking an increase from the initial estimate of Rs 44,000 crore.