Find the grammatical Error Set 38

grammatical error

Find the grammatical Error Set 38

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Find the grammatical error comes in almost all competitive examinations. Its a mandatory part of the paper. Here is a new series of Find the Grammatical Error for you to practice and Practice More.Grammatical Error

Q1.The new rules, if they come into (a)/ force, may not have any (b)/substantial impact on the (c)/ quality of credit rating in India. (d)/ No error /(e)

Q2.Those who want to enjoy the festivities (a)/ without wading into crowded (b)/ streets can opt to just view trending (c)/ photos of the famous Pujas into their phones.(d)/ No error /(e)

Q3. An altercation between a police constable and a couple (a)/ during a routine vehicle check in the Ramganj (b)/ area on Friday evening snowballed into a major law and order situation, as (c)/ hundreds of peoples gathered outside the police station and threw stones.(d)/ No error /(e)

Q4. Seeking to preserving buildings and sites of historic, aesthetic, cultural (a)/ or environmental value, the Uttarakhand government is (b)/ planning to bring a special legislation to (c)/ cover unprotected heritage in the state.(d)/ No error /(e)

Q5. The Centre’s decision to put unruly air passengers (a)/ on a no-fly list ranging from three months (b)/ to a lifetime, depending upon the (c)/ gravity of the offence, is stringent but welcome. (d)/ No error /(e)

Q6.The State government had miserably failed to take pro-active (a)/ steps to control price rise during (b)/ the Onam festival season and distribute ration through the (c)/ public distribution system to eligible people.(d)/ No error /(e)

Q7.The Telangana police have been (a)/ earning praise for their (b)/ work, mainly in the use of (c)/ technology at combat crime.(d)/ No error /(e)

Q8.The Rohingya have also sought refuge in India (a)/ where they have been shunned, denied (b)/ basic public services and (c)/ deemed by authorities as like ‘the undesirables’.(d)/ No error /(e)Grammatical Error

Q9. SEBI have proposed disclosure (a)/ norms to improve investor (b)/ awareness the operations (c)/ of rating agencies.(d)/ No error /(e)

Q10.The basic objectives that should govern the National Forest (a)/ Policy are the following: Maintenance of environmental stability (b)/ through preservation and, where necessary, restoration of the ecological balance that has been adverse disturbed (c)/ by serious depletion of the forests of the country.(d)/ No error /(e)

Q11.The panel will determine whether there were (a)/ any negligence on the part of (b)/ school authorities and whether all (c)/ safe measures as prescribed by the Board were in place.(d)/ No error /(e)

Q12.Though the rainfall is said to be normal, the (a)/ absolute lack of water in the reservoirs (b)/ seems to be affecting the morale (c)/ of the agricultural community.(d)/ No error /(e)

Q13. Despite of the latest move by the Army (a)/ to induct 800 women into its ranks, cold facts (b)/ show that the Indian military is the last bastion (c)/ of male dominance in the government.(d)/ No error /(e)

Q14.With the security situation high on the Minister’s agenda, multiple (a)/ gunfights among militants and security forces (b)/ left two militants and one policeman dead in (c)/ the Valley on the day of his arrival.(d)/ No error /(e)

Q15.Many women in uniform are hoping that the country’s (a)/ first full-time woman Defence Minister will (b)/ take bold decisions against what they (c)/ allege is systemic discrimination against women.(d)/ No error /(e)

Answers …..

01. E    02. D     03. D     04. A     05. E    06. E    07. D     08. D    09. A    10. C

11. A       12. E       13. A       14. B         15. D

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