Find the grammatical Error Set 43


Find the grammatical Error Set 43

Find the grammatical error comes in almost all competitive examinations. Its a mandatory part of the paper. Here is a new series of Find the Grammatical Error for you to practice and Practice More.

Directions (1-10): Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error if any will be in one part of the sentence, the number of that part will be the answer. If there is no error, mark (e) as the answer. (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any.)

Q1.The new rules, if they come into (a)/ force, may not have any (b)/substantial impact on the (c)/ quality of credit rating in India. (d)/ No error /(e)

Q2.Those who want to enjoy the festivities (a)/ without wading into crowded (b)/ streets can opt to just view trending (c)/ photos of the famous Pujas into their phones.(d)/ No error /(e)

Q3. An altercation between a police constable and a couple (a)/ during a routine vehicle check in the Ramganj (b)/ area on Friday evening snowballed into a major law  and order situation, as (c)/ hundreds of peoples gathered outside the police station and threw stones.(d)/ No error /(e)

Q4. Seeking to preserving buildings and sites of historic, aesthetic, cultural (a)/ or environmental value, the Uttarakhand government is (b)/  planning to bring a special legislation to (c)/ cover unprotected heritage in the state.(d)/ No error /(e)

Q5. The Centre’s decision to put unruly air passengers (a)/ on a no-fly list ranging from three months (b)/ to a lifetime, depending upon the (c)/ gravity of the offence, is stringent but welcome. (d)/ No error /(e)

Q6.The State government had miserably failed to take pro-active (a)/ steps to control price rise during (b)/ the Onam festival season and distribute ration through the (c)/ public distribution system to eligible people.(d)/ No error /(e)

Q7.The Telangana police have been (a)/  earning  praise for their (b)/ work, mainly in the use of (c)/ technology at combat crime.(d)/ No error /(e)

Q8.The Rohingya have also sought refuge in India (a)/ where they have been shunned, denied  (b)/ basic public services and (c)/ deemed by authorities aslike ‘the undesirables’.(d)/ No error /(e)

Q9. SEBI have proposed disclosure (a)/  norms to improve investor (b)/ awareness  the operations (c)/ of rating agencies.(d)/ No error /(e)

Q10.The basic objectives that should govern the National Forest (a)/  Policy are the following: Maintenance of environmental stability  (b)/ through preservation and, where necessary, restoration of the ecological balance that has been adverse disturbed (c)/ by serious depletion of the forests of the country.(d)/ No error /(e)



Answers …..

01. E    02. D     03. D     04. A     05. E

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