Find the grammatical Error Set 36

grammatical error

Find the grammatical Error Set 36

Hello Readers,

Find the grammatical error comes in almost all competitive examinations. Its a mandatory part of the paper. Here is a new series of Find the Grammatical Error for you to practice and Practice More.

1. I lived in a three-hundred (A)/ years old house (B)/ in Bombay. (C)/ No error. (D)

2. Even though he was over ninety (A)/he still enjoyed reading novels (B) / and sometimes spend an evening at the cinema (C)./No error. (D)

3. Our teacher often emphasizes on (A)/ the need for (B)/a lot of written practice. (C)/ No error(D)

4. He told me that(A)/he couldn’t buy the paintings which he wanted very much (B)/because he hadn’t enough money.(C) No error (D).

5. Although he had worked hard (A)/and was understanding as much about the (B)/ subject as I did, he failed to get even a second class in the examination.(C)/No error (D)

6. If you do not agree to my request(A)/ then I shall be (B)/ forced to take drastic measures.(C)/No error (D)

7. She has told me that her brother might have done much better (A)/at the university last year(B)/had he not given so much time to the students union.(C)/No error (D)

8. Surekha was trying for admission in the Engineering college(A)/ even though her parents wanted(B) / her to take up medicine.(C)/No error (D)

9. There is no book (A)/in English language (B)/ which is as interesting as this. (C)/No error (D)

10. There was a number of conferences(A)/ which produced little(B)/of practical value.(C)/No error (D)

Answers …..

01. A    02. C     03. A     04. B     05. B    06. B    07. C     08. A    09. B    10. A

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