DO and Don’t in A Banking Interview


DO and Don’t in A Banking Interview

With interviews of SBI PO, RBI and more banking exams are scheduled in the upcoming months. here are tips that on the Do and Don’t in a banking Interview

  • Be Smily, Confident
  • Arrange all your documents before, so that while document verification you don’t miss anything.
  • If you are already working with a Government organization, get a NOC. If you don’t they will not allow you to give the interview
  • Answer all questions regard fully. If you don’t know the answer say sorry
  • Prepare yourself keeping in mind the worst condition


  • Don’t try to over explain
  • Don’t try to answer questions answers of which are not known to you
  • Don’t discuss much about about the interview, questions, strategy etc with other candidates
  • After interview is over don’t stay at that place telling people how it went. Instead rush out of that place.
  • Don’t wear Casuals during interview
  • If you are not able to answer the questions of the interviews, don’t show your arrogance
  • Don’t thrash yourself into the interview room, rather open it gently and ask may I come in.

Now as the interview sessions have begun we will be assisting you with all frequently asked questions during interviews and tips to enhance your performance.

Sehpaathi has launched a free Interview Guidance sessions with our Panel. We have it everyday between 7pm to 8pm. All candidates interested can ask their questions in the comment box given below. We are also trying to arrange hangout session with one of our Banking friend. Will update you once it happens