Mistakes You must avoid during an Interview


Mistakes You must avoid during an Interview

Dear Aspirants, with interview of IBPS PO, Clerical and many other companies approaching near here is a list of few mistakes that you must avoid while attending an interview.

  • Avoiding Eye Contact: Many candidates are nervous before the interview and in the haste they sometimes don’t make eye contact with the interviewers. This gives a negative impression to the interviewers. Eye contact with the interviewer increases their trust and they listen to your answers carefully. This will show you confident and will help you to increase marks
  • Staying uninfromed: When you go for an interviewer the panel counts you as a serious candidate and expects you to know about the company. In case you don’t know salient points about the company you are shown un-informed which negatively affects your chances to clear the interview.
  • Being negative about your old job: No one wants you to be negative. If you brar negatively about your old company or collegues in an interview it will seriously affect your chances. Negative brar shows your attitude as negative and makes you silly.
  • Staying Inattentive: Maintain a regular attention to your interviewers. lack of attention in an interview hamper your chances as the interview panel takes you as a non-serious guy and lacks interest.
  • Being vague: Being uncertain and vague in your responses shows badly on you. It shows lack of confidence and lack of knowledge. You must always try to explain your answers by examples, which are clear and related to the interviewer questions.
  • Moving your body: Many candidates often move their hands or legs a lot during the interview. Refrain yourself from the same. Moving your body parts make the interviewers angry as they are not able to concentrate on you. This also shows you as not confident.
  • Explaining too much: Don’t explain too much. Keep your answers to the point and short. You must bring up examples to explain your answer. It will surely help you gain more marks.

These are a few salient points that one must take care during an interview.

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