How to Excel in Interview


How to Excel in Interview

Before Interview: Before every interview there is a document checking process underway. Do carry all your documents with you to save yourself peace of mind. Talk with other aspirants (about 30 will be there), about their background, but never compare yourself. Don’t talk much about interview with other candidates. Remain calm, confident and focused.How to excel in interviewDear Readers
As the interview dates of RRB All Grades are out and  interview for IBPS PO 2016 are scheduled to take place in February 2016 we bring bring out the tips on what things one must take care of before, during, after an interview. We will also be updating videos on Important things to care during Interview.

What to Wear during interview: It is advised to avoid any casuals during interview. 

For Men :: Shirt, Tie, Pant, Blazer or Sweater or Jacket , Black Shoes
For Women: Just keep it formal.

During Interview:

  • Open the interview room door gently
  • Close the gate after you enter in gently
  • Say Good Morning/ Good Afternoon / Namaskar to the panel. There will be 3-4 interviewers mostly from banks (Retired AGM, DGM etc). Don’t Panic, be smiling and confident. They are there to judge your acceptance to a situation, your expressions, your confidence level.
  • Almost all candidates carry with them their resume and certificate file with them. When you sit on the chair put that file on your Lap with your hands holding the file. Sit Straight.
  • Do not move your hands too much. It distracts the board and make them feel neglected.
  • There will be around 7-10 questions in the interview. Some related to bank, some related to your qualification and atleast 1 case study. For engineers one questions is common. Why Banking after Engineering. So prepare answer for the same
  • Do care to answer only those answers for which you are confident and in case you have began telling a wrong answer say it with confidence. You might be wrong but your confidence will be able to impress the interview panel.

After Interview

  • After the interview is over gently wish Thank you to the Panel. Open the door gently and close the door gently.
  • After coming out of the interview room hold your excitement. Don’t talk much about the interview. Don’t show any emotions. Just leave the place after completing formalities.
  • After you leave the place near the interview room you are free to talk to people, share your views.

Best of luck for the interview. Do keep following sehpaathi for interview videos and related material.