Frequently asked Interview Questions in Banking-5


Frequently Asked Interview Questions in Banking – 5

Dear Readers Now as the interview dates of RRB All Grades are out we bring to you very common interview questions with out set No 5 on the given subject. We will be updating material and Videos on a regular basis to help maximum number of candidates to cherish their dreams.

Usually the time interval for interview for RRb exams lies between 7-9 minutes and more depending on the interest you are generating.


  1. Explain the meaning of your name.
  2. Your preference shows PNB ( Candidates must know salient points of their top three preferences)
    They must know, When it was formed, Where it was formed, who is the current Chairman, Bank’s latest figures includes Net profit/loss, Total advances, total Deposits, NPA percentage etc.
  3. You must be very aware about every word return in your resume
  4. You biggest achievement
  5. According to you what is your biggest weakness and how you plan to overcome it
  6. What is your strongest point which make you fit for banking
  7. If you are working today, why do you want to leave it.
  8. If you are working with a bank, Why do you want to change your bank. What are the salient features of your bank.
  9.  What kind of lifestyle do you expect to have in banking?
    Answer:: Sir I have heard from my friends that banking is one of the most laborious yet joyful job these days. Though I don’t expect banking to be a 10-5 job, I expect that atleast I will be able to give me and my family some time, which is missing in some very high paying jobs. banking looks to me as a perfect place to embrace myself and develop my skills to a different level.  



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