How Did Simant clear his IBPS PO 3 Interview


How Did Simant Clear his IBPS PO 3 Interview:

IBPS-LogoThis post will tell you facts and points about Simant Sharma’s state of mind before he went to give his interview for IBPS PO 3 [2013]. Simant Secured 89 marks in his PO written examwhich was very decent in terms of cutoff calculations…

Hear from Simant in his own words:

Texual Representation:

Ankit:  What was your Interview Location?
Simant: My Interview Location was in Jaipur, Bank Of India

Ankit: How Did you Prepare For your Interview?
Simant: The teachers of my coaching institute from very helpful and I prepared for my interview there. They improved my communication skills,

Ankit: What was your main focus point while preparing for interview. I mean to say on which area did you focus more?
Simant: Because i was going to face a banking interview so my main focus on banking. GK, world scenario because what the panelist will ask from is unknown.

Ankit: In which language was your interview taken?
Simant: Interview was basically in Hindi but one person was also asking questions in English

Ankit: What was your mindset before going for the interview?
Simant: I was very nervous because it was my 1st interview and I was the last person to be called for the interview. In my batch there were 20-25 students. I reached there at 12 noon and my interview took place at around 7pm. So you can understand my mental status. It had been 7 hours and I was hungry, thirsty. But still I held on my nerves and gave the interview.

Ankit: How Many People were there in the interview panel and what all questions did they ask you.
Simant: There were in total 5 members and according to my understanding all the members were related to different fields. Some one was physiologist, banker etc. Just after entering the room they asked me to sit down, calmed me. They took my introduction, my written marks and then they asked me about my family background. I answered all these questions very easily and then they went on with banking and GK questions i.e.

Being an pharma graduate why are you trying to come into banking.
How will you help us
Then they asked about NABARD, RBI, their responsibilities and role in India

There was some communication error in between. I told them that I am a B.Pharma student but they heard that I was a B.Com student, so they began to ask me questions related to commerce like
What is leader book, balance sheets and all other tough questions. Then I re corrected them and they began to ask me that if you are a pharma Student how will you help us.

Then they asked me about Financial Inclusion, How will it help the indian economy and some miscellanious questions.

Ankit: Since you said you were the last guy to enter the room. The panel would have also been sitting for the same number of hours as you. Can you tell us what was the mood of the panel ?
Simant: I felt that 3 of the 5 members were very calm, positive and they tried to calm down me also. But 2 people from different locations, one of whom was a Physiologist tried to capture my body language and the other one was scolding me. I actually didn’t knew on what to do at that point of time, but somehow I maintained my behavior, kept me calmed and answered his questions. 

Ankit: What you think is the key point on which students must focus during the interview.
Simant: The most important thing is the mindset. Don’t be confused, dont be nervous. If you are going to give the interview for he 1st time the interview panel also knows the same and they will try to keep you calm. Don’t show them that you are nervous. Be confident, be clear in your thoughts. Whatever you say must be clear. clarity of words must be there.  Never try to make the interview panel fool. They have an experience more than your age. Be careful. Answer only those question which you know.

Ankit: Last Question. Anything you would like to share from your side for our future aspirants. Simant: I would like to say just one thing to everybody. If I can crack this PO exam I would say that any person could do it. It doesn’t matter from what acheddmic and family background you come from. Just be your self, try your best and you will achieve whatever you think.

Thankyou Simant for giving us this interview. Simant was allotted Indian Overseas Bank. We wish him best luck and success in his new assignment.

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