Common Dilemmas faced by exam aspirants


Common Dilemmas faced by exam aspirants

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As Nowadays, a lot of exams are conducted for entry to various jobs or admission to reputed institutes. But,these exams itself causes a lot of confusion among aspirants. It is important that you know that you have chosen the right exam and for the right reasons

Should I take a drop or prepare while working?

This is the most common doubt that all exam aspirants have, be it those preparing for banking exams or the ones who aspire to get into IIMs. The following table states the pros and cons of leaving a job for exam preparation.


  • Study without distractions
  • Devote all the time for preparation


  • Pressure to clear the exam
  • No backup option
  • Leads to more stress during preparation
  • Reduced Performance
Should I join a coaching institute or go ahead with self study?

Self study is a more productive method if done in the right spirit and manner. All you require is the drive and passion to succeed. It is a very cost effective option as a lot of reputed online mock test series are available at economical prices.

When aspirants think of joining a coaching institute, they generally make a false assumption which is – a coaching institute guarantees their success in the exam. This is far from the truth. At the end of the day, it’s your hard work that makes the difference. A coaching institute may further your efforts or increase your chances of succeeding, it does not guarantee success. An advantage of joining a coaching centre is that it will help you stay focussed and put you in the company of like minded people.

Which study material should I refer to?

Preparation material for exams like SBI PO, IBPS PO, SSC CGL, CAT, IIFT etc. is available in abundance. Apart from the material provided by coaching institutes and textbooks, there is several websites that offer preparation material ranging from e-books to videos. Result is a lot of confusion among aspirants in terms of what to refer to and what not to refer to.

Our Advice: If you are attempting the exam for the first time, it would be a good idea to refer to structured study material provided by reputed organisations. Although if it’s your second or third attempt you will have already gone through the above mentioned material and online resources will give you the variety you need.

How many mocks should I attempt before the actual exam?

This is another doubt that aspirants face. It actually is the wrong thing to be worried about. One should know about the number of mock tests you give is irrelevant. What matters is the quality of analysis you perform after attempting a mock test. While analysing a mock test make sure you identify your strengths and weaknesses and in subsequent mocks, make sure you are improving on your weaker areas.

What if I don’t clear the exam?

If you don’t clear the exam: DO NOT lose hope. It is not the end of the world. Try and figure out why you could not clear it this time, which areas did you lack in. Improve on those areas and give it another shot. Just don’t give up!