PGDBF Course – A big Opportunity for Bank Aspirants


PGDBF Course – A big Opportunity for Bank Aspirants

Hello Friends,

As We all know from the past that public sector banks are recruiting through IBPS and there is a common written test and Interview for all public sector banks. But when we talk about Bank of Baroda, Syndicate Bank, Punjab National Bank, and IDBI bank, they have changed the trend of their recruitment from last 3-4 years.

And now, there are lot more public sector banks such as Canara Bank, Andhra Bank changing their way of recruitment of Probationary officers from IBPS to Manipal PGDBF program.

What is PGDBF Course/program?

PGDBF stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance. It is a 1 year degree where you have 9 months of campus class room program and 3 months of internship/On Job training.
It is very much similar to MBA degree or Post Graduate Diploma degree courses offered by top management prominent colleges in our Country. The best thing about this course/degree is that you are getting the knowledge, various certifications and finally a secure job in your hand.
About the PGDBF Program
PGDBF program offered by our prestigious and one of the top public sector banks such as Bank of Baroda, Syndicate Bank, Canara Bank and many others have developed the program in the following way –
  1. There will be a complete 9 months on campus class room course consisting of 3 semesters of 3 months each.
  2. In each semester, there will be 5-6 subjects of banking and finance and plus some management subjects.
  3. There will be final exam at the end of each semester where you have to pass with some minimum criteria or percentage.

After completion of the 9 months class room program and 3 months on job training, you will get the PGDBF degree in your end and all these will add to your resume to get the internal promotions and in other activities.

Benefits of PGDBF course? 
There are number of benefits to get into this course, get the degree in your hand and start your job.
  1. Good knowledge of all the basics of all the departments of banking sector such as Operations, principles of banking, Retail loans, forex, trade finance, and Advances.
  2. Practical knowledge with 3 months internship/on job training where you will have the hands on experience in the branch of the particular bank.
  3. You will be able to complete the certified courses such as DB&F (JAIIB), mutual funds and other insurance certified courses which will add to your resume while taking promotions in the bank and to grow in the banking sector.
  4. In the end, you will have one post graduate diploma degree in your hand and this will too add to your resume with all the knowledge gained with the degree.

Now a days, due to increase in competition between the public sector banks and pressure from the Government, banks have started recruiting through this degree programme because they want the aspirants with all the basic knowledge to join them and to work with them.

You are securing your future with this degree and yes finally getting the public sector job.

Concluding this article by saying that don’t miss this opportunity as in future, many of the public sector banks and private will be only recruiting through this programme where you have to complete the degree and then help them as a joining hand in a  their growth.