Why Many aspirants don’t clear Exams despite efforts ??


Why Many aspirants don’t clear Exams despite efforts

Dear friends,

In times when competition has reached its top level, your efforts have also increased by a proportionate percentage. But still We can see many students failing to crack exams despite very hard efforts. We are here with some probable reasons for it.

  • You are expecting too much: Expectations are not wrong, but bring your expectations in path of your success is wrong. Expectations bring unnecessary pressure which usually results in a dismal performance later on.
  • You are not focused: Focus doesn’t mean preparation for exams. Focus means preparation for Goals. We have been suggesting candidates to be focused in a single stream of exams. But what aspirants usually do is, that they will fill SSC and Banking exams together. Though that is not wrong, everyone wants to explore opportunities, but it diverts your goal from one exam to another. SSC and Banking are very different exams with different syllabuses. Your focus and efforts have now been divided and you are finally unable to remains focused on your goal.
  • You loose competition very easily: I have seen many candidates who have failed to clear 4-5 exams and have become depressed. In this they do either of the 2 things.
    ——–Try to pressurize themselves to clear the next coming exam positively without correcting their previous mistakes and learning from them. This results in another debacle and their confidence is lost.
    ——– Try to switch goals by thinking that a particular exam is above their limits and they wont be able to clear it anyway. They forget that they are in a competitive environment and only enhancing their capability can help them clear it.

  • Over-attempting: This is a major reason for your debacle. Most of the candidates believe that in such a competitive environment the max they attempt the more chances they will have. This is 100% correct. But its not about the attempt, its about correct attempt. We have seen most of the students attempting over 150/200 questions but didn’t qualify. The reason was to fight competition they went ahead with probable answers according to them and many were wrong. This lead to negative marking and later you were unable to clear the cutoff.
  • Comparing yourself: You loose half the confidence there when you starts comparing yourself. You put yourself with unnecessary pressure and later it turns out to be a disaster.
  • Going in exam hall under Pressure: Your expectations, your family expectations, your friends expectations — All must be kept outside the examination hall. Only one thing must go inside and that is, I will perform my best in the time allotted, keeping in mind that this is not the last opportunity.

  • Moving your head around in Exam hall: We have also seen many aspirants trying to learn from their partners in the exam hall. This harm them in 2 ways
    ——– Waste a lot of time
    ——– Your correct answers also become wrong. No one in this competitive world will give you correct answers.

I hope that the above points are relevant to your experiences and will help you certain your goals and prepare for them.