Current Affairs MCQ 9th september 2020



Current Affairs 9th September 2020

Current Affairs of the morning are here with the top headlines of the morning. Current Affairs are very important for all competitive exams including Banking, SSC, RBI, NABARD, etc.


01. India has been ranked at ________ place in the recent Global
Innovation Index?
A. 36th
B. 48th
C. 68th
D. 73rd

Answer:  B.

Explanation: India ranked in the top 50 countries for the first time in the Global Innovation Index.
● India jumped four positions to rank at 48th since 2019.
● Switzerland, Sweden, the US, the UK and the Netherlands lead the innovation ranking, and the top 5 positions are
dominated by high-income countries.

02. According to the recent Jammu
and Kashmir Official Languages
Bill 2020, Which of the following
will be the official language of
Jammu and Kashmir?
A. Urdu
B. Kashmiri
C. Dogri
D. Hindi
E. English
a. A, B and C
b. A, B and D
c. B, C and E
d. A, B, C, D and E

Answer: d.

Explanation: The Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister has approved the introduction in Parliament of the
Jammu and Kashmir Official Languages Bill 2020 in which five languages will be official
● These are Urdu, Kashmiri, Dogri, Hindi and English.

03. Recently, Pramod Sawant has been tested positive for COVID-
19. He is serving as the chief minister of ________.
A. Assam
B. Goa
C. Sikkim
D. Karnataka

Answer:  B.

Explanation: Goa Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant has tested COVID- 19 positive.
● He is the 11th and current Chief Minister of Goa.
● Sawant represents the Sanquelim constituency in the Goa Legislative Assembly and is a member of the
Bharatiya Janata Party.

04. Who among the following will be
appointed as the first ever
Chairman and CEO of the Railway
A. K. M. Chandrasekhar
B. Ajit Seth
C. P. K. Sinha
D. VK Yadav

Answer:  D.

Explanation: The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet
has approved the appointment of the current
chairman of the Railway Board VK Yadav as the
● He will become the first to hold such a post in
the railway’s history.
● The Cabinet had earlier approved the
restructuring of the Railway Board, whose
strength has been cut from eight to five.

05. Which of the following
organisation has recently
developed a health assistant
Robot RAKSHAK which can
remotely communicate between
doctor and patient?
A. Indian Railways
B. Defence Research and
Development Organisation
C. Indian Space Research
D. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

Answer: A.

Explanation: In the fight against the spread of Covid 19 pandemic, the Railways has designed a health assistant Robot
Rakshak which can remotely communicate between doctor and patient.
● The medical aid robot is able to measure health parameters such as temperature, pulse, oxygen
● It can also provide medicines, food to the patients and make a two-way video communication between
the doctor and the patient.

06. Crete island was recently in news. It
is located in _________.
A. Caspian Sea
B. South China Sea
C. Mediterranean Sea
D. Baltic Sea

Answer: C.

Explanation: Turkey’s Foreign Minister has renewed call for dialogue with rival Greece that would lead to
the fair sharing of resources in the eastern Mediterranean, where the two countries are locked
in a tense standoff.
● Both countries’ forces have been conducting military exercises in the seas between Cyprus and
the Greek island of Crete.

07. Who among the following became
the 1st woman DG of Bureau of
Civil Aviation Security?
A. Sarita Dev
B. Usha Padhee
C. Lakshmi Chawla
D. Neelam Rawat

Answer: B.

Explanation: Joint secretary in the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Usha Padhee has been given additional charge as
Director-General of the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS).
● She is the first woman and third IAS officer to have been appointed to the post.
● She succeeds Rakesh Asthana (IPS) who was appointed as the Director-General of Border Security
Force(BSF) on 17th August 2020.

08. Recently, Ladakh and Lakshadweep
joined ‘One Nation-One Ration Card’
scheme. What is the deadline to
integrate all states and UT under One
Nation-One Ration Card scheme?
A. 31 December 2020
B. 28 February 2021
C. 31 March 2021
D. 31 July 2021

Answer: C.

Explanation: The Union Territories (UTs)Ladakh & Lakshadweep have been included in the ‘One Nation- One Ration Card’ scheme on ‘Integrated Management of Public Distribution System’(IM- PDS).

● Ladakh and Lakshadweep have completed the trial and testing of national portability
transactions with other states/UTs in the national cluster.
● The remaining states will be integrated into the scheme by March 2021.

09. Which of the following ministry
has recently launched “Water
Heroes – Share Your Stories”
A. Jal Shakti ministry
B. Ministry of Housing and
Urban Affairs
C. Ministry of Home Affairs
D. Ministry of Environment,
Forest and Climate Change

Answer: A.

Explanation: The Jal Shakti ministry has launched a ”Water Heroes – Share Your Stories” contest with an
aim to reach out to people with the important message of water conservation and
● The primary objectives of the Ministry of Jal Shakti are to make water conservation a people”s
movement and strengthen the water consciousness in the country.

10. Which of the following country’s astronomers has recently discovered
a galaxy called ‘AUDFs01’ , 9.3 billion light-years away from Earth.
A. China
B. India
C. Russia
D. France

Answer: B.


Indian astronomers have discovered one of the farthest Star galaxies in the universe in a landmark achievement.
● India’s first Multi-Wavelength Space Observatory ‘AstroSat’ has detected extreme-UV light from a galaxy located 9.3 billion light-years away from Earth.

● The galaxy called AUDFs01 was discovered by a team of Astronomers led by Dr Kanak Saha from the Inter-
University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pune.