Current Affairs 28th November 2020



Current Affairs 28th November 2020

Current Affairs of the morning are here with the top headlines of the morning. Current Affairs are very important for all competitive exams including Banking, SSC, RBI, NABARD, etc.


01. The European Union (EU) has
unveiled a grand ________ corona
rescue deal to cushion the impact
of the coronavirus pandemic
across Europe.
A. €100bn
B. €250bn
C. €300bn
D. €500bn

Answer: D.

Explanation: European Union finance ministers agreed a 500-billion-euro rescue for European countries hit hard by
the coronavirus epidemic, but put aside demands from Italy and France for pooled borrowing.
● The final statement clearly states that the rescue would be specifically earmarked for costs related to
the COVID-19 crisis, which has killed more than 65,000 people in Europe.

02. The Pakistan government requested
the $1.4 bn loan, a fast-disbursing
loan under the RFI fund to deal with
the adverse economic impact of
COVID-19. R in RFI stands for
A. Rapid
A. Reliable
B. Rarid
C. Renewed

Answer: A.

Explanation: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has called its executive board meeting on April 16 to consider
disbursement of an extra loan worth $1.4 billion to Pakistan after prime minister Imran Khan’s request.
● The Pakistan government had requested the IMF last month for a low-cost, fast-disbursing loan under
the fund’s Rapid Financing Instrument (RFI) to deal with the adverse economic impact of COVID-19.
● The RFI is used to provide financial assistance to IMF member countries facing an urgent balance of payments need.

03. Recently, India has sent a
consignment of 5,022 metric
tonnes of wheat via Chabahar port
to which of the following country?
A. Iran
B. Afghanistan
C. Oman
D. Saudi Arabia

Answer: B.

Explanation: India has shipped the first consignment of 5,022 metric tonnes of wheat to Afghanistan to ensure food
security during difficult times of COVID-19 pandemic.
● Indian Embassy in Afghanistan has announced that 251 containers carrying the first consignment of 5,022
metric tonnes of wheat out of the total gift of 75,000 metric tonnes from India to Afghanistan set sail from
Kandla port to Chabahar port.

04. Prasar Bharti has launched a new
channel specifically dedicated to
old classics named as________.
A. DD Retro
A. DD Classic
B. DD Bharat
C. DD Samay


Explanation:  Public service broadcaster Prasar Bharti has launched a new channel specifically dedicated to old classics
called DD Retro.
● For now, DD Retro is airing the same shows that DD National had brought back in the wake of the covid-19
outbreak to keep viewers engaged.
● Apart from mythological epics Ramayana and Mahabharat, the classics revived on the network are
historical dramas Chanakya directed by Chandraprakash Dwivedi, superhero series Shaktimaan, detective
show Byomkesh Bakshi and many more.

05. Which of the following ministry
has launched a web-portal
YUKTI (Young India Combating
A. Ministry of Home Affairs
B. Ministry of Skill Development
and Entrepreneurship
C. Ministry of External Affairs
D. Ministry of Human Resource

Answer: D.

Explanation: Minister for Human Resource Development Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank has launched
a web-portal YUKTI (Young India Combating COVID with Knowledge, Technology
and Innovation) in New Delhi.
● The portal and dashboard will monitor and record the efforts and initiatives of the
Ministry of HRD.

06. Khadi and Village Industries
Commission (KVIC) has
recently launched a double
layered Khadi mask. Who
among the following is the
current chairman of KVIC?
A. Ajay Mohan
B. Rajesh Pandey
C. V.K. Saxena
D. Amitabh Chaudhary

Answer: D.

Explanation: In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) has
successfully developed a double-layered Khadi mask and has procured orders for supplying it in large quantities.
● KVIC Chairman V.K. Saxena said the Commission is specifically using double twisted Khadi fabric for manufacturing of these masks as it helps retain 70 percent of the moisture content inside, while providing an easy passage for the air to pass through.


The Vice President greets the
nation on the occasion of
Puthandu. Puthandu is mainly
observed in the state of ________.
A. Rajasthan
B. Haryana
C. Tamil Nadu
D. Manipur

Answer: C.

Explanation: The Vice President of India, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu has wished the people on the occasion of Vaisakhi, Vishu, Puthandu,
Masadi, Vaishkhadi and Bhoga Bihu which are being celebrated in different parts of the country on 13th and 14th April,
● Puthandu, also known as Puthuvarusham or Tamil New Year, is the first day of year on the Tamil calendar and traditionally
celebrated as a festival.

08.  The People’s Bank of China
(PBOC) has bought 1.01 percent
stake in which of the following
A. IndusInd Bank
B. Yes Bank
D. HDFC Bank

Answer: D.

Explanation: The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) has bought 1.01 per cent stake in the Housing Development
Finance Corporation (HDFC).
● PBOC held 1.75 crore shares of HDFC during the quarter that ended in March.
● Due to the coronavirus crisis, HDFC shares fell nearly 39.87 per cent this year from a high of Rs 2,493 to a low of Rs 1,499 last week.

09. According to a recent survey by
Centre for Monitoring Indian
Economy, India’s unemployment
rate stood at _______ due to
Covid-19 lockdown impact?
A. 19.6%
B. 21.2%
C. 23.4%
D. 25.8%

Answer: C.

Explanation: CMIE report says India’s urban unemployment rate soars to 30.9% even as overall rate rises to 23.4%,
indicating covid-19’s impact on the economy
● CMIE’s estimates on unemployment shot up from 8.4% in mid-March to the current 23%.

10. Which of the following station has
become the the first railway
station in the country to install a
walk through mass sanitizing
A. Mumbai
B. Ahmedabad
C. Hyderabad
D. Kanpur

Answer: B.

Explanation: The Ahmedabad Railway station at Kalupur has become the first in the country to install a walkthrough the mass
sanitizing tunnel.
● The mass sanitizing tunnel is an attempt to ensure that the threat of Covid-19 does not affect the staff and
passengers entering the Ahmedabad station at Kalupur.
● Recently the entire station at Kalupur was sanitized by professionals with WHO-approved hot fogging and cold
fogging. Even the outside of the station was sanitized as was the entire area.