Tricks to Solve Reverse Syllogism Questions


Tricks to Solve Reverse Syllogism Questions

Hello Friends,

As you all know that Reverse Syllogism is a topic which will be asked in the recent examinations very frequently and many of you were facing problems due to this new type of pattern of Syllogism.

Actually, it is nothing much difficult and new in fact it is another type syllogism, syllogism is circle logically played the game.

The basics of solve reverse syllogism are:
In this version of syllogism the, conclusions are given we have to find that to which statement it is being followed. This new version of syllogism has made the applicants panicked, but actually, there is no need to get panic, we just have to work on the basics and we will able to solve them, after some practice, you will be able to solve in just few seconds. The basics of solve reverse syllogism are:

The elimination of options 

  • First, we will try to eliminate the options which are not relating a little bit to statement. This is called elimination process.
  • In this process we can take the help of tricks like “ universal negative” if the option is violating this condition should eliminate that option.
  • If the sentence is violating the “ particular negative” condition we should also eliminate this.
  • If sentence is violating “ universal positive” we should eliminate it.
  • If the sentence is violating “ particular positive” condition we should also eliminate the option in this case also. And the last sentence will be your answer.


  • No Rubber is Tank.
  • All tanks are bottle.
Possible conclusions:

  • Some toys are not tank. All cups are bottle. Some rubbers are not tank. All tanks are cup.
  • Some rubbers are toy. All rubbers are bottle. Some rubbers are not tank. All tanks are cup.
  • Some rubbers are Toy. Some Toys are bottle. Some bottles are tanks. No tank are rubber.
  • All rubbers are bottle. All tanks are toys. Some rubbers are toys. All cups are rubber.
  • All cups are bottles. No bottle is toy. All rubbers are toys. All tanks are cups.


  • Statement 2 is universal negative type. So we will have to see that possible conclusion which is followed by this statement. the possible conclusions first and forth are eliminated. And the other options are second , third and fifth are following the statement.
  • In second option there is no relativeness means there is no link between bottle and tank so it also should be eliminated.
  • So in this way there is fifth option left so this is the answer.


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