Do and Dont’s In SBI Clerical 2016


Do and Don’t In SBI Clerical 2016

Hello Sehpaathians,

With SBI Clerical Mains exams about to be held on Saturday, here are a few do’s and dont’s to take care of to score maximum in the Clerical Examination.


  1. Be confident. You have prepared well. All questions are known to you. You just need to concentrate and start solving them.
  2. Attempt your strongest points first. They will give you immense confidence, save time and help to increase your score.
  3. If you find the paper is difficult, it’s same for all. Just chill and give your best.
  4. Remember all shortcut’s. They will be useful in reducing time required and increase your speed and accuracy.
  5. Solve questions using approximations. Many questions can be solved quickly (But always first see the options. If they are too close, assumption might give you incorrect answers)

Exam Pattern of SBI Clerical Mains 2016

SBI Clerical 2016 Capsule


  1. Don’t try to attempt all the questions. You are not an alien. Attempt questions according to you, by try to attempt atleast 70-80% accurately.
  2. Don’t take a lot of time on one question. There are many questions to solve. If you give more time to a single question it will diminish your chances.
  3. Don’t try to help others.
  4. Don’t be over-confident. You have prepared well, but there is always a room for improvement.

English Practice Sets

Reasoning Practice Sets

Quant Practice Sets

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