Current Affairs For 18th September 2023


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Q1.Who initiated the launch of the UPAg portal in India?
1. Prime Minister of India
2. President of India
3. Agriculture Secretary
4.Member of NITI Aayog
Ans:-4)Member of NITI Aayog
  • The UPAg portal was launched by a Member of NITI Aayog.
Q2.In the 2023 Global Crypto Adoption Index by Chainalysis, what position does India hold?
  • India secured the top position in the 2023 Global Crypto Adoption Index.
Q3.In the Chainalysis index, which nation secured the second position?
4.United States
  • Nigeria secured the second position in the index
Q4.Why did the RBI impose a penalty on Baramati Sahakari Bank?
1.Failure to maintain adequate liquidity
2.Non-compliance with anti-money laundering regulations
3.Failure to credit interest to inoperative savings accounts
4.Unauthorized lending to non-banking financial institutions
Ans:-3)Failure to credit interest to inoperative savings accounts
  • Baramati Sahakari Bank incurred a penalty for failing to credit interest to inoperative savings accounts.
Q5.Following the successful trial operation at the Telangana Super Thermal Power Project, what is the cumulative power generation capacity attained by the NTPC Group?
1.50,000 MW
2.57,838 MW
3.73,824 MW
4.100,000 MW
Ans:-3)73,824 MW
  • The total power generation capacity achieved by the NTPC Group 73,824 MW.
Q6.What proportion of NTPC’s paid-up equity share capital does the Final Dividend for the fiscal year 2022-23 represent?
1. 20%
2. 30%
3. 41%
4. 50%
  • 30% of the paid-up equity share capital.
Q7.For what specific reason did the Waghodia Urban Co-operative Bank receive a penalty?
1.Violating customer privacy regulations
2.Not maintaining adequate capital reserves
3.Unauthorized expansion into new territories
4.Providing excessive credit to directors’ relatives
Ans:-4)Providing excessive credit to directors’ relatives
  • The Waghodia Urban Co-operative Bank incurred a penalty for sanctioning credit facilities to individuals where the relatives of its directors acted as guarantors, breaching prudential inter-bank counter-party exposure limits.
Q8. What was the shift in India’s trade deficit in August 2023 as compared to August 2022?
1.Increased by 6.86%
2.Decreased by 5.23%
3.Increased by 2.8%
4.Decreased by 2.8%
Ans:-4)Decreased by 2.8%
  • Decreased by 2.8%, as India’s trade deficit narrowed by this percentage in August 2023 compared to August 2022.
Q9.In August 2023, which industry experienced the most significant surge in merchandise exports?
1.Iron Ores
2.Oil Meals
3.Electronic Goods
Ans:-1)Iron Ores
  • Iron Ore, which experienced a remarkable growth of 1556.09% in merchandise exports in August 2023.
Q10.What was the Financial Inclusion (FI) Index rating for the fiscal year concluding in March 2017?
  • The FI Index score for the fiscal year ending March 2017 was 43.4.