Current Affairs For 15th September 2023


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Q1. President Droupadi Murmu virtually launched the Ayushman Bhav Campaign for Universal Health Coverage. What is the objective of the Ayushman Bhav Campaign?

1. Promoting Environmental Awareness

2. Ensuring Universal Health Coverage

3.Encouraging Digital Literacy

4.Supporting Economic Growth

Ans:-2) Ensuring Universal Health Coverage

  • President Droupadi Murmu, in a historic virtual ceremony, launched the Ayushman Bhav campaign and the Ayushman Bhava portal from the Raj Bhavan in Gandhinagar, marking a significant stride towards achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in India.
  • The campaign aims to facilitate access to Ayushman cards for citizens. It intends to generate ABHA IDs, streamlining healthcare services. Ayushman Bhav will also raise awareness about critical health schemes and conditions, including non-communicable diseases, tuberculosis, and sickle cell disease.


Q2.According to recent reports, which country has emerged as Bangladesh’s leading export partner?



3.United States


Ans:-2) India

  • The Government of India has declared that it has surpassed Japan and China to become Bangladesh’s largest export partner. The growth in bilateral trade has been particularly noteworthy, with Bangladesh’s exports to India surging from $450 million to a remarkable $2 billion.
  • This announcement was made during discussions centered on exploring new trade routes, specifically the Agartala-Akhaura rail link project, which promises to bolster connectivity and trade ties between the two nations.
  • Once Agartala-Akhaura rail link project is operational, it will mark the seventh rail link connecting India and Bangladesh, further enhancing connectivity and trade opportunities. This development underscores the commitment to strengthening infrastructural ties.


Q3.NABARD and UNDP India have collaborated for what purpose?

1.Environmental Conservation

2.Educational Reforms

3.Data-Driven Agricultural Innovation

4.Healthcare Advancements

Ans:-3)Data-Driven Agricultural Innovation

  • The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) India and the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Nabard) have solidified their commitment to revolutionize Indian agriculture through data-driven innovations. Their collaborative effort is aimed at bolstering the agricultural and food systems to uplift the livelihoods of smallholder farmers.
  • Under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), UNDP India and Nabard have outlined several key objectives like, Open-Source Data Sharing: Both organizations will actively share open-source data, laying the foundation for product development and the transfer of agricultural technology.


Q4.RITES Ltd won the ‘Safety Innovation Award 2023’. What category does the award recognize?

1.Technological Advancements

2.Employee Welfare

3.Safety Innovations

4.Environmental Sustainability

Ans:-3)Safety Innovations

  • RITES Limited has been honoured with the ‘Safety Innovation Award 2023’, under the ‘Construction’ category, for implementing ‘Innovative Safety Management Systems’ in its operations.
  • The award was presented to RITES’ officials during the inaugural function of the 20th Safety Convention organized by The Institution of Engineers (India), the largest multi-disciplinary professional body of engineers, at Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi.
  • RITES, having multi-sectoral presence, has consistently embraced best safety practices in its operations, exemplifying its commitment to prioritizing safety measures at worksites. RITES remains resolute in its m
  • Mission to create a safer and more secure infrastructure environment, delivering services that uphold stringent safety protocols, irrespective of geographical or logistical challenges.


Q5.An army doctor was awarded the Dr. AM Gokhale Award for Ophthalmology in Pune. What field does this award recognize?






  • Renowned ophthalmologist Brig Sanjay Kumar Mishra of Indian Army’s Research and Referral Hospital was conferred with the prestigious ”Dr AM Gokhale Award” in Pune.
  • The award was conferred to him at the Retina Conclave at Pune. Dr AM Gokhale was a renowned teacher of Ophthalmology and his students progressed to become the doyens of Ophthalmology in the countr
  • Brig Sanjay Kumar Mishra hails from Mau, Uttar Pradesh and finished his tutoring from Prayagraj. He has been conferred with Bar to Sena Medal (Distinguished) by the President of India just before 26 January 2021. Earlier he was awarded the Sena Medal and Bar to Vishisht Seva Medal (VSM). Brig Mishra is one of the highest decorated officers of Indian Armed Forces Medical Services.


Q6.Najma Akhtar was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award in Academia. In which field did she receive this award?






  • Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) Vice Chancellor, Professor Najma Akhtar, was recently presented ‘Lifetime Achievement Award-Academia. The award was presented to her by Dr Raghunath Anant Mashelkar (Padma Vibhushan) at the Grand Conference and award function titled “Making India Employable,” organised by TeamLease EdTech.
  • Akhtar was selected for the award by a jury panel comprising of educationists and industry experts. She has been awarded for her “great efforts to connect education to employment.
  • The ‘Making India Employable Awards’ is organised to celebrate individualistic excellence, innovation and real-world impact in the fields of education, employability and skilling. These awards are bestowed on the very best of the best who showcase exemplary contributions towards the common goal of Making India Employable.



Q7. The iPhone 15 series is set to feature ISRO-certified GPS technology. What does this technology imply?

1.Enhanced battery life

2.Improved camera quality

3.Accurate Global Positioning System

4.Advanced gaming capabilities

Ans:-3) Accurate Global Positioning System

  • Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are the company’s latest flagship smartphones, and they come with a number of notable upgrades, including a new brushed titanium frame, a powerful A16 Bionic chip, and a more advanced camera system. However, one of the most significant changes under the hood is the integration of precision dual-frequency GPS, including support for NavIC, the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS).
  • NavIC is a regional navigation satellite system developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). It consists of seven satellites in geostationary and inclined geosynchronous orbits, providing coverage over India and a region extending 1,500 kilometers beyond its borders.


Q8.Amazon’s AWS has partnered with ISRO for what purpose?

1.Launching Satellites

2.Enhancing AI Capabilities with Cloud Technologies

3.Researching Space Exploration

4.Building Supercomputers

Ans:-2) Enhancing AI Capabilities with Cloud Technologies

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS), a major player in the cloud computing industry, has entered into a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Centre (IN-SPACe). This collaboration aims to support space-tech innovations through cloud computing, opening up exciting possibilities in the space sector.
  • ISRO, IN-SPACe, and AWS will collaborate to foster and expand the startup community within the space-tech sector. AWS will extend support to eligible space startups through the AWS Activate program, offering tools, resources, and expert technical assistance at no cost.


Q9.What achievement did NASA’s MOXIE recently accomplish on Mars?

1. Successfully generating oxygen

2.Discovering water

3.Sending images to Earth

4.Conducting geological experiments

Ans:-1) Successfully generating oxygen

  • The Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment, commonly referred to as MOXIE, has achieved a remarkable feat by producing a substantial 122 grams of oxygen, a quantity sufficient for sustaining a small dog’s breathing for approximately 10 hours.. This compact device, roughly the size of a microwave, possesses an extraordinary capability: it can convert the tenuous and inhospitable Martian atmosphere into vital, life-sustaining oxygen.
  • Since the moment Percy, the Mars Perseverance rover, touched down on the Martian surface, MOXIE has been operating flawlessly. To date, it has generated a remarkable 122 grams of oxygen, averaging an impressive rate of 12 grams per hour. This achievement is more than double NASA’s initial goal for MOXIE, and the oxygen produced boasts an impressive purity level of 98% or better.


Q10.What is the name of NATO’s largest military exercise since the Cold War?

1.Operation Guardian

2.Operation Cold Shield

3.Steadfast Defender

4.Peaceful Warrior

Ans:-3) Steadfast Defender

  • NATO member countries are gearing up to conduct their most extensive military exercise since the Cold War era. Set to commence in the spring of the following year, this ambitious undertaking is aimed at simulating various military scenarios, with a primary focus on defense against a hypothetical adversary resembling a Russian-led coalition known as Occasus.
  • This expansive military exercise is expected to encompass a multitude of elements, showcasing NATO’s commitment to readiness and collective defense.
  • The overarching objective of this exercise, codenamed “Steadfast Defender,” is to refine NATO’s transformation from a crisis response organization into a robust war-fighting alliance. The scenario envisages repelling a hypothetical Russian-led attack on a NATO member state.