Tricks to Solve inward and outward seating arrangement problems


Tricks to Solve inward and outward sitting arrangement problems


Dear Sehpaathians,

Team Sehpaathi will be here with  Important Concept & Short Tricks on Sitting Arrangement Based on Inward & Outward  Questions in Reasoning which are usually asked in various competitive exams. So, we are here with the short cuts to solve questions within minimum time. These short tricks & Concept will be very helpful for your upcoming All competitive exam 2016.

About Inward & Outward Sitting Arrangement:

No matter what the model is, the following points are to be noted in order to solve the questions easily.

Read the entire puzzle and understand the statements correctly

  • Identify the statements that give definite information
  • For instance let us take three statements and evaluate them

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Statement 1: P is to the left of Q.

The data in the statement is basic but not definite as the statement ONLY says that P is to the left of Q. but, it does not specify where P is located from Q.

Statement 2: P is second to the left of Q. The data in the statement is definite as it clearly states that P is placed second to the left of Q.

Some important points to be kept in mind before solving the sitting arrangement puzzles are:


  • If P is sitting immediate left of Q, it means Q is on immediate right of P.
  • To avoid confusion of left and rights in circular and other shapes’ seating arrangement problems, you should assume that all people are facing to center (unless and until they specify the direction).
  • It’s always better idea to assume you are one among them so that it will be easier for you to get an idea of the arrangement.
  • If you are unable to get the idea from a line then better skip that line and go to next line. You can revisit to the skipped line after getting another clue.

For circular sitting arrangement those objects which are facing inwards to the center are favourable to us which means LEFT-RIGHT position are same to reference object and those objects which are facing outwards are unfavourable to us which means LEFT-RIGHT position are opposite to reference object.

Persons sitting in a CIRCLE or RECTANGLE or SQUARE facing AWAY from centre:

  • Seated to the left = Take Anti-clockwise direction
  • Seated to the right = Take clockwise direction

Such types are problems are solved in the same manner as the problems for the centre facing people are solved. The only change in this case is the direction of reference changes which confuses the candidates.

But now-a-days, questions of some different pattern are asked in Bank exams like Some people are facing inward while some of them are facing outwards.

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