Statement Argument Set 1


Statement Argument Set 1

Statement Arguments questions are an important part of reasoning section. 2-3 questions of this type are asked in every competitive exams.

Each question below is followed by two arguments numbered I and II. You have to decide which of the arguments is a “strong” argument and which is a “weak” argument. Give answer statement arguments

(a) If only argument I is “strong”. 

(b) If only argument II is “strong”. 

(c) If either I or II is “strong”. 

(d) If neither I nor II is “strong”. 

(e) If both I and II are “strong”. 

Q1. Statement: Should legal professionals of India have the right to go on strike? 


  1. No, India is already facing a backlog of about three crore cases countrywide due to frequent strikes of lawyers. Another strike will only enhance the grievances of the aggrieved clients.
  2. Yes, legal professionals are also a part of our society. If they feel that their dignity, independence and integrity has been lowered, strike would be the only meaningful weapon for them.


I is strong because the backlog is a cause for concern. II is not strong because it is difficult to believe that strike is “the only meaningful weapon” to achieve the said objective.

Q2. Statement: Should there be a free phone service for children in distress? 


  1. Yes, child is the father of man.
  2. No, this will be misused by children.


I is not strong because it is not directly related to our core issue. II is also not strong because this is based on a wrong notion.statement arguments

Q3. Statement: Should citizens of India have the right to access information from the government? 


  1. Yes, more than twenty countries have equipped their citizens with the right to access information from their respective governments.
  2. Yes, the move would provide openness in government functioning and ensure transparency and accountability in it.


I is not strong because we can’t correlate the facilities provided to the citizens of other countries with the facilities provided to Indian citizens. II is strong because this is will ensure smooth functioning of the government.

Q4. Statement: Should a rapist be sentenced to life imprisonment in India? 


  1. Yes, there is an enormous increase in incidence of rape and crime against women all over India and the existing provisions for punishment are not so stringent that the cases of rapes can be reduced.
  2. Yes, punishment for rape should be more than that for murder as the rape victim suffers for her entire life.


I is strong because stringent punishment is a good course of action to put restriction on the number of cases of rapes. II is also strong on the ground of impact of the crime on the life of the victim.

Q5. Statement: Should proliferation of credit cards in the country be restricted? 


  1. Yes, the facility provided through it makes a person spendthrift.
  2. No, the facility provided through it makes the cardholder high-tech.


Both the argument focus on trivial aspects. Hence, both I and II are weak arguments.


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