Salary Structure at Regional Rural Banks

salary structure at regional rural banks

Salary Structure at Regional Rural Banks

With IBPS RRB Joining are taking place we are here with Salaries of Probationary Officers in Regional Rural banks and how different are they from those from Probationary Officers in Nationalized Banks.Salary Structure at Regional Rural Banks

All Government Banks including Regional Rural Banks Follow the same pay structures for their employees as per Indian Banking Association Guidelines.

  1. Basic: Rs.23700/-
  2. Dearness Allowance : 51.6% i.e Rs 12229/- (Current DA, DA changes every 3 months)
  3. Hra max 8% Rs. 1896
  4. Special pay 2784 (7.75 of basic + equivalent Da)
  5. CCA max 800

Max salary 41425/-

If you are posted in a village then HRA will be 7% of Basic Pay (min) and CCA will not be there

Minimum Salary = Rs40,000/-

Other than this selective RRB’s give different perks to their officers like conveyance, entertainment etc. It varies from bank to bank.


What is The Major Difference in the salary Portion of a Probationary Officer in a Nationalized Banks VS Regional Rural Bank

  • There is no difference in salary payouts in the post of Probationary Officer. Only difference comes in HRA which is always 0.50% less than nationalized bank i.e. If A PO of Nationalized bank is eligible for 7% HRA, at the same place PO of a RRB will be eligible for 6.5% HRA.
  • Difference comes in terms of Halting and Travelling Allowances. In a Nationalized Bank minimum allowances given to an officer is Rs 950/- per day plus lodging (this depends from bank to bank). The same in Regional Rural Banks is pretty low at Rs. 500/- per day plus Lodging. (It depends from bank to Bank)
  • There is a difference of Pension Schemes in RRB and Nationalized Banks. RRB’s still follow the Provident Fund scheme due to which the final payout of an employee at 60 years of age is lower than that of an employee of Nationalized Bank, where New Pension Scheme is in force.

Then on every year of completed service you will be eligible of an increment

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