Profit Loss and Discounts – 1


Profit Loss and Discount

percentage profit and loss

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 Hello Readers,

Profit Loss and Discount questions are asked in almost all competitive exams. They are followed by simple tricks and calculations, and cover about 2% of the paper marks. Here is a sample paper sheet of the missing number puzzle for your practice. Do give us a review.

Quick Preview:


1. On selling an article for Rs240/, a trader loses 4%. In order to gain 10% he must sell that article for:
A) Rs.275/-
B) Rs.340/-
C) Rs.320/-
D) Rs.264/-
E) None of these

2. A, B and C invest in the ratio of 3:4:5. The percentage of return on their investment is in the ratio of 6:5:4. Find the total earnings, if B earns Rs.250 more than A.
A) Rs.6000/-
B) Rs.7250/-
C) Rs.5000/-
D) Data Insufficient
E) None of these

3. On Selling 17 balls at Rs720 , there is a loss equal to the cost price of 5 balls. The cost price of the ball is
A) Rs.45
B) Rs.50
C) Rs.55
D) Rs.60
E) None of these

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