Percentage Question Set 2


Percentage Question Set 2


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Hello Readers,

Percentage questions are asked in almost all competitive exams. They are followed by simple tricks and calculations, and cover about 2% of the paper marks. Here is a sample paper sheet of the missing number puzzle for your practice. Do give us a review.

Quick Preview:


1. The population of a town in the first year increases by 10% in the next year it decreases by 10%. Once again in third year it increases by 10% and then decreases by 10%. If present population is 20000, what will be the population after 4 years
A) 16902
B) 19602
C) 20000
D) 20875
E) None of these

2. In Bombay Stock exchange there are 45 male employees and thus the number of female employees exceed by 72. Hence the total number of employees at Bombay Stock Exchange is
A) 540
B) 720
C) 7200
D) 550
E) None of these

3. In a class, the number of boys is more than the number of girls by 12% of the total strength. The ratio of boys to girls is:
A) 15 : 11
B) 11 : 14
C) 14: 11
D) 8: 11
E) None of these

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