Partnership Questions Set 12

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Partnership Questions Set 12

Partnership based Questions are important for competitive exams like IBPS PO, SSC CGL. We are here with daily practice sets based on partnership questions.

Q1. P, Q and R enter into a partnership with investment of Rs. 3500, Rs. 4500 and Rs. 5500 respectively. if at the end of six months total profit is Rs. 405. Find share of P’s  in the total profit?
(a) Rs. 200
(b) Rs. 105
(c) Rs. 250
(d) Rs. 151
(e) Rs. 251

Q2. A and B enter into a partnership with Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 60000 respectively. C joins x months before end of the year with the capital of  Rs. 70000 and B leaves them after x months from the start of the year. If they share the profit the ratio of 20 : 18 : 21, then find the value of x.
(a) 6 months
(b) 3 months
(c) 9 months
(d) 8 months
(e)10 months

Q3. A, B and c enter into a partnership by investing Rs. 1600, Rs. 3600 and Rs. 4800. A is a working partner and gets one fifth of the total profit for his services and remaining profit is divided amongst the three in their  investment ratio. What is the sum of the profit of B and C, if A gets Rs. 5330 as profit?
(a) Rs. 13923
(b) Rs. 10920
(c) Rs. 14940
(d) Rs. 10993
(e) Rs. 11993

Q4. X and Y enter into a partnership with the capitals of Rs. 900 and Rs. 700 respectively. they split half of the profit equally for their efforts and the remaining balance in the ratio of their investments, if X got Rs. 47 more than Y. then what is the total profit made by X and Y?
(a) Rs. 376
(b) Rs. 652
(c) Rs. 752
(d) Rs. 954
(e) Rs. 854

Q5. P being a working partner and gets 10% of the total profit as salary, the remaining is shared between P, Q, R in the ratio 2 : 3 : 4, If P gets Rs. 300000, then find the share of Q ?
(a) 200000
(b) 300000
(c) 400000
(d) 500000
(e) 550000



1. (B)           2. (C)        03. (B)        4. (C)        5. (B)


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