Important Instructions for SSC CGL 2016 Prelims Exam


Dear SSC Aspirants,

The SSC CGL 2016 exam is just around the corner and we hope that you all are well-prepared for the exam day. However, your exam-day preparation does not end at studying well. There are a number of other things that you should remember to carry along with you, like your admission card, etc. At the same time, there are things that you should not carry to the exam.

Therefore, if you are appearing for the SSC exam, read this post on important instructions and Prohibited Materials in SSC exams very carefully.

Prohibited Materials in SSC Examination Hall:

  • Electronic gadgets such as
    • Mobile phones,
    • Bluetooth devices,
    • Pen camera,
    • Button camera,
    • Hand-held scanner,
    • Calculator (unless specified), etc.
  • Even if such electronic items are switched off, you should not carry them inside the hall/ premises.

  • Reading materials like books, magazines, newspapers, etc.

Safe Attempts in SSC CGL Prelims Exam

  • As per the notification regarding prohibited materials in SSC exam, if you carry such articles, your candidature will be canceled. Additionally, you will be barred from appearing in all future SSC examinations. The commission will also undertake other disciplinary and criminal proceedings against you.
  • If you deposit your valuables at the examination center, the SSC or the center supervisor will not be responsible for their loss or damage. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary hassle and distraction on the exam day, you should avoid taking such materials to the examination venue.

Apart from this list of prohibited materials, do check your pockets for papers, notes, etc. before entering the examination hall. Make sure you don’t have anything scribbled on your hands or anywhere else. Also, during the exam, do all the rough calculations only in the space provided for the same.

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