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Frequently Asked Question in IBPS RRB Interview (General Questions)

Dear Readers Now as the interview dates of RRB All Grades are out we bring to you very common interview questions with out set No 2 on the given subject. We will be updating material and Videos on a regular basis to help maximum number of candidates to cherish their dreams.

Usually the time interval for interview for RRb exams lies between 7-9 minutes and more depending on the interest you are generating.


  1. Why banking After Engineering. (Our answer is based if no one from your family is in banking)
    Answer: Sir I believe i possess the skills which suit banking best. During my engineering days I have developed within me qualities like outspoken, able to convince someone, handling difficult situations etc. Moreover many of my friends are working with different banks, which has developed a lot of interest in banking. (If you answer this be ready that they will pose a question over what difficult situation did you face)
  2. Will you be able to live in rural area?
    Answer: Yes sir I will be able to adapt to the conditions. I know its challenging to adjust in rural conditions where the customers are also different. But sir I have a zeal in me which will help to adjust myself in rural environment.
  3. You live in a city. Once selected in an RRB you will posted in some village, how will you convince/tackle village.
    Answer: I am well spoken in Hindi (Candidates from non Hindi environment can write their language name). I understand that it will be difficult to communicate with the villagers properly. But i will be taking help from my staff members and the local people who are daily visitors of the branch to adapt myself according to the people. I believe slowly and gradually I will be able to properly communicate with the villagers.
  4. In rural Branches connectivity problem is normal. If your branch do not have connectivity for past 15 days how will you tackle people
    Answer: Banking is necessary for every customer these days. In order to cope up with such a situation I will take the help from the nearby branch and will try convince people that connectivity issue is there. If a condition comes when a customers is in need of urgent money I will urge the nearby branch to make the payment to the customer or will make the payment myself after confirming balance with the other branch.
  5. You are IT graduate. How will you use your knowledge for the bank
    Answer: Sir IT is the backbone of banking today. Daily new products are launched and new technology is introduced. Though I will be in general banking, I can help with providing my knowledge to solve certain branch related network problems. Moreover in a scenario in which a new system comes in I can help my staff to get familiar with it. I can also help my colleagues in using short tricks so that the work can be done quickly with minimal errors.
  6. There is a problem of corruption in some areas of banking. How will you deal with it.
    Answer: I will try to follow all the rules and regulations of banking, and would try to discourage corruption on my end if I see any. 
  7. When was RRB Formed, What were the fundamentals behind its formation
  8. When RRB was started
  9. What is the latest banking news
  10. What do you know about the functioning of RRB’s.


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