English Vocabulary Words 9

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English Vocabulary Words -9

VocabularyHere is today’s 10 English words with their meaning, a sentence, antonyms and synonyms. Keep following us for more updates

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Daily English Vocabulary

  1. Word: Reluctant
    Meaning: Unwillingness, lack of enthusiasm,
    Sentence: His relactant nature proved to be a road block in our company’s growth.
    Antonym & Synonym: Click here
  2. Word: Prevail
    Meaning: triumph, conquer
    Antonym & Synonym: Click here
  3. Word: Cognizance
    Meaning: Recognize, notice.
    Sentence: We will take cognizance of your efforts at appropriate time
    Antonym & Synonym: Click here
  4. Word: Scrutiny
    Meaning: survey, scale, inspection
    Sentence: A careful scrutiny of all his KYC documents will be done before passing of loan.
    Antonym & Synonym: Click here
  1. Word: Collegium
    Meaning: Advisory or a group of musicians
    Sentence: The collegium system of appointment of judges is popularly referred to as judges-selecting-judges
    Antonym & Synonym: Click here
  1. Word: Consonance
    Meaning: agreement, harmony
    Sentence: The 2 parties came to a consonance on the splitting of shares of the company.
    Antonym & Synonym: Click here
  1. Word: Pronounce
    Meaning: Say, express, voice
    Sentence: In American and British English the words are pronounced differently
    Antonym & Synonym: Click here
  1. Word: Verdict
    Meaning: decision, judgement
    Sentence: The verdict of the Arushi murder case is still awaited
    Antonym & Synonym: Click here
  1. Word: Debris
    Meaning: scattered pieces, rubbish of remains
    Sentence: The devestating earth quake has changed houses to debris
    Antonym & Synonym: Click here
  1. Word: Paramount
    Meaning: most important, having supreme power
    Sentence: US and Russia are the paramount nations in terms of defense technology and their inventory.
    Antonym & Synonym: Click here

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