English Vocabulary Words – 64

english vocabulary

English Vocabulary Words – 64

English vocabulary is a very important part of questions asked in competitive exams. Many questions in the competitive exams are directly related to your vocabulary skills.
Here is today’s 10 English words with their meaning (English/Hindi), a sentence, antonyms and synonyms. Keep following us for more updates

1. Portend (Verb):– Portend means to show a sign that something calamitous is about to happen.
Synonyms: augur, auspice, betoken, bode, forecast, foreshadow, foretell, omen, predict, prefigure, presage, prognosticate
Uses: These signs bode bad news.
Trick : When we reached the port’s end (sea port) we saw some dead bodies, which gave a sign that something bad was going to happen.

2. Splurge (Verb):– To splurge is to indulge yourself. You can also go on a splurge if you spend a lot or act extravagantly in another way.
Synonyms : flash, flaunt, ostentation, show off, swank
Uses: Greece had got into the habit of splurging on borrowed money.
Trick : when that special girl urges you to buy something prodigal, you buy it

3. Vilifies (Noun):– one who attacks the reputation of another by slander or libel.
Synonyms: backbiter, defamer, libeler, malinger, slanderer, traducer.
Uses: Let us watch with jealous care the honor of our country, and scorn the aspersions of its vilifies.

4. Conundrum (Noun):– a difficult problem.
Synonyms: brain-teaser, enigma, riddle, dilemma.
Uses: Europe’s conundrum
Trick: drum ke andar kaun hai.

5. Prospect (Noun):– A prospect is the possibility that something fabulous will happen.
Synonyms: chance
Uses: The prospect of sanctions on Iranian oil being lifted has depressed prices further.

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6. Repartee (Noun):– adroitness and cleverness in reply.
Synonyms: backchat, banter, give-and-take, raillery
Uses: It’s mostly in the repartee and interactions with secondary characters.

7. Indelible (Adjective):– cannot be removed or erased.
Synonyms: unendurable.
Uses: indelible memories.

8. Raconteur (Noun):– a person skilled in telling anecdotes.
Synonyms: anecdote.
Uses: Raconteurs are gifted storytellers, able to spin amusing tales from everyday life.

9. Turgid (Adjective):- ostentatiously lofty in style.
Synonyms: bombastic, declamatory, large, orotund, tumid.
Uses: The movie’s plot was so turgid that people left the theater completely confused.
Trick: TURGID= (TURBID and TURGID river). If there is extreme turbidity in the river, then the river must a turgid river(swollen),because it washes away the mud from the bank.

10. Quiescence (Noun):- a state of quiet (but possibly temporary) inaction.
Synonyms: dormancy, quiescence
Uses: While the bees are quiescent early in the morning and in the evening, they are overactive in the middle of the day.
Trick: quiet+essence- quality of being at rest or stillness.

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