English Vocabulary Words – 60


English Vocabulary Words 60

English vocabulary is a very important part of English section. Many questions in the competitive exams are directly related to your vocabulary skills.
Here is today’s 10 English words with their meaning (English/Hindi), a sentence, antonyms and synonyms. Keep following us for more updates

Daily English Vocabulary

1. Cliche (पिष्टोक्ति)

Meaning: a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.
Sentence: Bollywood has been using similar cliches for the past many years.
Antonym and Synonym : Click here

2. Collaboration ( सहयोग)

Meaning: to help, the action of working with someone to produce something.
Sentence: India is collaborating with USA for construction of indigenous nuclear Powered Aircraft Career INS Vishal.
Antonym and Synonym: Click here

3. Indigenous (स्वदेशी)

Meaning: originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native.
Sentence: India’s indigenous developed aircraft career INS Viraat is expected to be commissioned by 2018.
Antonym and Synonym : Click here

4. Cult (उपासना के योग्य)

Meaning: a system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object.
Sentence: The person who financed the Mathura Cult arrested
Antonym and Synonym : Click here

5. Conscious (चेतन, सचेत)

Meaning: aware of and responding to one’s surroundings. ; having knowledge of something.
Sentence: The government had taken a very conscious decision about 4-5 months ago that 10 per cent of the missile capacity will be permitted to be exported
Antonym and Synonym : Click here

6. Vouchsafe (देने की कृपा करना)

Meaning: to give or tell something to somebody especially as a privilege
Sentence: Nature has vouchsafed innumerable benedictions on mankind.
Antonym and Synonym : Click here

7. Verbatim (आक्षरिक)

Meaning: word for word, exact
Sentence: The best part of this organisation is that even the CEO is very accessable
Antonym and Synonym : Click here

8. Waylay (घात में बैठना)

Meaning: intercept in order to attack them
Sentence: The passengers were waylaid and looted by a band of robbers
Antonym and Synonym : Click here

9. Utilitarian (उपयोगवादी)

Meaning: designed to be useful and practical rather than attractive.
Sentence: I prefer living in a utilitarian house rather than a glamorous one.
Antonym and Synonym : Click here

10. Utopian ( काल्पनिक आदर्श करनेवाला)

Meaning: impractical 
Sentence: His utopian dreams will never be realised
Antonym and Synonym : Click Here

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