Current Affairs For 8th September 2023


“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt


Q1.Which team won the Durand Cup 2023 in football?


  1. Mohun Bagan
  2. Sunil Chhetri
  3. Pritam Kotal
  4. Gurpreet Singh Sandhu

Ans:-1)Mohun Bagan

In a thrilling match held in Kolkata, Mohun Bagan emerged victorious over East Bengal with a 1-0 scoreline, securing the Durand Cup 2023 title in football. This prestigious victory marks a significant achievement for Mohun Bagan in the esteemed tournament.


Q2.Which stage are India’s Rohan Bopanna and his Australian partner Matthew Ebden set to compete in the US Open Tennis Men’s Doubles?

  1. Quarterfinal
  2. Semifinal
  3. Final
  4. Preliminary Round


In a remarkable display of skill and teamwork, India’s Rohan Bopanna and his Australian partner Matthew Ebden have advanced to the Men’s Doubles Semifinals at the US Open Tennis Championship. Their exceptional performance throughout the tournament showcases their synchronized gameplay and strategic prowess. The duo’s impressive journey has garnered attention and anticipation as they vie for a coveted spot in the finals, exhibiting their potential to clinch the prestigious title.


Q3.What date has been designated as World Physiotherapy Day (World PT Day)?

  1. 4 September
  2. 6 September
  3. 8 September
  4. 10 September

Ans:-3)8 September

World Physiotherapy Day, observed on September 8th, is a global initiative dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the invaluable contributions of physiotherapists worldwide. It aims to raise awareness about the significant role they play in enhancing and restoring physical health and well-being for individuals across various communities and populations.


Q4.Which country issued a warning against a potential ‘new Cold War’ during the ASEAN summit?

  1. United States
  2. China
  3. Russia
  4. Japan


China cautioned against the emergence of a “new Cold War” during discussions at the ASEAN summit. This statement reflects China’s concerns over rising geopolitical tensions and emphasizes its commitment to maintaining regional stability and cooperation.


Q5.Which action has the Centre mandated for Masur (lentil) with immediate effect?

  1. Export Ban
  2. Stock Disclosure
  3. Quality Testing
  4. Price Regulation

Ans:-2)Stock Disclosure

The Indian government has issued a directive mandating immediate stock disclosure for Masur (lentil). This move aims to enhance transparency and monitoring within the lentil market, ensuring stability and fair practices in trade.


Q6.Which of the following statements is true regarding the Industrial Development Scheme, 2017 for Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand?

  1. The Cabinet has approved additional fund requirement.
  2. The scheme focuses on agricultural development.
  3. The scheme is applicable only to Himachal Pradesh.
  4. The scheme has not received any additional funding.

Ans:-1)The Cabinet has approved additional fund requirement.

The Cabinet has given its nod for additional funds under the Industrial Development Scheme of 2017, specifically for Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. This decision is geared towards bolstering industrial growth in these states, promoting economic development, and generating employment opportunities.


Q7.Which organization introduced new payment features on UPI platforms, including conversational transactions?

  1. Reserve Bank of India
  2. National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)
  3. Union Bank of India
  4. State Bank Of India


The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has introduced innovative payment features on UPI platforms, including conversational transactions. This enhancement aims to provide users with more dynamic and interactive payment experiences, further enriching the capabilities of the UPI payment system.


Q8.Who chaired the National Conclave on Enabling 2 Crore ‘LAKHPATI DIDIs’?

  1.  Rajnath Singh
  2. Nitin Gadkari
  3. Narendra Modi
  4. Giriraj Singh

Ans:-4)Giriraj Singh

Giriraj Singh, the Minister for Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, presided over the National Conclave focused on empowering two crore ‘Lakhpati Didis’ (women entrepreneurs). The conclave emphasized strategies and initiatives to bolster economic opportunities and financial independence among women in rural areas, furthering the government’s commitment to women’s empowerment and rural development.


Q9.Who will co-host Bharat Drone Shakti – 2023 at Ghaziabad?

1. Indian Navy and Drone Federation of India

2. Indian Army and Drone Federation of India

3. Indian Air Force and Drone Federation of India

4. Indian Coast Guard and Drone Federation of India

Ans:-3)Indian Air Force and Drone Federation of India

The Indian Air Force (IAF) is set to co-host Bharat Drone Shakti – 2023 alongside the Drone Federation of India in Ghaziabad. This event underscores the collaboration between the IAF and the drone community, aiming to showcase the potential and capabilities of drone technology in various applications, including defense and civil operations.


Q10.When will the One Week One Lab programme of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) be conducted this year?

  1. 11th to 16th August
  2. 11th to 16th September
  3. 11th to 16th October
  4. 11th to 16th November

Ans:-2)11th to 16th September

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) will conduct the ‘One Week One Lab’ program from September 11th to 16th this year. This initiative aims to provide participants with insights into the cutting-edge research and technological advancements undertaken by CSIR laboratories across various disciplines.