Current Affairs For 12th October 2023


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Q1.Who inaugurated the 26th Energy Technology Meet at Bharat Mandapam?

  1. Prime Minister
  2. Finance Minister
  3. Petroleum Minister
  4. Energy Minister

Ans:-3)Petroleum Minister

  • In the distinguished presence of eminent dignitaries, Shri Hardeep Singh Puri, the Hon’ble Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas and Housing and Urban Affairs, officially opened the 26th Energy Technology Meet at Bharat Mandapam, New Delhi.
  • Emphasizing India’s burgeoning energy requirements, Minister Puri highlighted:
  • – India presently ranks as the world’s third-largest consumer of oil.
    – It stands as the third-largest consumer of LPG.
    – It holds the position of being the fourth-largest importer of LNG.
    – India stands as the fourth-largest refiner.
    – It is also the fourth-largest automotive market globally.
  • Additionally, Shri Hardeep Singh Puri announced India’s surpassing of its biofuel blending targets. Moreover, the ambitious goal of achieving a 20 percent biofuel blending rate, originally slated for 2030, has been expedited to 2025.


Q2.What is notable about the project unveiled by Sheikh Hasina?

  1. It is the largest infrastructure project in Bangladesh.
  2. It is the first project built with Chinese aid in Bangladesh.
  3. It is a cultural heritage site.
  4. It is a renewable energy project

Ans:-2)It is the first project built with Chinese aid in Bangladesh.

  • Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, achieved a significant milestone in the nation’s infrastructure advancement with the formal inauguration of the 82-kilometer Padma Bridge Rail Link. The ceremony was held at Mawa Railway Station in Munshiganj.
  • Distinguished as the most extensive infrastructure undertaking in Bangladesh, the Padma Bridge Rail Link project was funded through preferential loans from China’s Exim Bank, amounting to a substantial Tk 21,036.70 crore. This monumental venture is anticipated to directly impact the lives of 80 million individuals and potentially elevate Bangladesh’s economic growth by 1.5%.


Q3.Which department launched the ‘A-HELP’ programme in Jharkhand?

  1. Department of Agriculture
  2. Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying
  3. Department of Education
  4. Department of Health

Ans:-3)Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying

  • In a significant move, the Government of India’s Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying has introduced the ‘A-HELP’ (Accredited Agent for Health and Extension of Livestock Production) program in Jharkhand. This innovative initiative focuses on empowering women by enlisting them as Accredited Agents, enabling them to play a crucial role in disease management, animal identification, and livestock insurance.


Q4.What is the significance of the Economic Corridor Project in Assam?

  1. It aims to boost the state’s economic growth and connectivity.
  2. It is focused on cultural preservation and heritage restoration.
  3. It is a project for environmental conservation.
  4. It is primarily for healthcare infrastructure.

Ans:-1)It aims to boost the state’s economic growth and connectivity.

  • The Assam cabinet has announced an ambitious initiative to construct a 1000-km long economic corridor, with a substantial investment of Rs 3000 crore allocated for the project. This decision represents a significant stride towards regional progress.
  • State Minister Jayanta Malla Baruah conveyed to the media that the state cabinet has given its initial approval for the project under the Asom Mala Scheme, underscoring the government’s dedication to this extensive infrastructure undertaking.


Q5.What is the name of the app and portal launched in Uttarakhand?

  1. SelfEmploy Uttarakhand
  2. Uttarakhand Employment Boost
  3. Swavalamban Uttarakhand
  4. Uttarakhand Self-Employment Portal

Ans:-4)Uttarakhand Self-Employment Portal

  • The Uttarakhand state government has taken a commendable stride in empowering its youth with the introduction of the ‘Yuva Uttarakhand mobile application.’ This app is designed to furnish the state’s unemployed youth with crucial information on self-employment opportunities.
  • In conjunction with the ‘Yuva Uttarakhand mobile application,’ the Chief Minister also inaugurated the ‘Prayag portal.’ This platform is exclusively dedicated to disseminating job-related information and serves as a comprehensive hub for the youth in search of employment opportunities within the state.


Q6.By what percentage did India’s net direct tax collections surge?

  1. 10.5%
  2. 15.2%
  3. 21.8%
  4.  30.5%


  • India has experienced a remarkable surge in its net direct tax collections, recording a substantial growth of 21.8%, totaling ₹9.57 lakh crore as of October 9.
  • This surge has exceeded half of the annual Budget estimates, signaling a robust fiscal performance. The driving forces behind this boost include a notable 32.5% increase in personal income tax revenues and a commendable 12.4% rise in corporate taxes.
  • The surge in personal income tax collections, up by 32.5%, underscores the significant contribution of individual taxpayers to the country’s tax revenue. Meanwhile, the 12.4% increase in corporate taxes has played a pivotal role in this impressive tax collection upswing.


Q7.What is the revised GDP growth forecast for India in FY24 according to the IMF?

  1.  5.5%
  2. 6.0%
  3. 6.3%
  4. 6.8%


  • In its October 2023 World Economic Outlook (WEO) report, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) revised India’s economic growth forecast for the fiscal year 2023-24 upwards. The growth estimate was raised from 6.1% to 6.3% primarily due to robust consumption levels observed from April to June. The report also emphasized India’s resilient domestic economic activity, which stands in contrast to prevailing global economic trends.
  • Furthermore, the IMF anticipated retail inflation in India to escalate to 5.5% in fiscal 2023-24, before gradually subsiding to 4.6% in 2024-25. This projection aligns with the inflation target set by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for the medium term.


Q8.What action did RBI instruct Bank of Baroda to take regarding new customer onboarding?

  1. Speed up the onboarding process
  2. Halt new customer onboarding on its mobile app
  3. Expand its customer base
  4. Introduce new features in the mobile app

Ans:-2)Halt new customer onboarding on its mobile app

  • In response to supervisory concerns, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has directed Bank of Baroda (BoB) to promptly cease the onboarding of new customers onto their mobile application, ‘bob World’.
  • This directive from the RBI emphasizes the existence of significant supervisory concerns that have surfaced during the customer onboarding process of ‘bob World’, the mobile app offered by Bank of Baroda. These concerns have prompted the RBI to step in and ensure the rectification of these identified issues.


Q9.What is the purpose of the partnership between Bridgestone and Tata Power?

  1. Installation of solar panels
  2. Installation of EV chargers for four-wheelers
  3. Development of electric cars
  4. Establishment of charging stations for bicycles

Ans:-2)Installation of EV chargers for four-wheelers

  • Bridgestone India, a leading tyre manufacturer, has forged a significant partnership with Tata Power aimed at advancing electric mobility in the country. Within the framework of this collaboration, Tata Power will set up high-capacity DC fast chargers at Bridgestone dealerships nationwide. This initiative aims to streamline the recharging process for electric vehicle (EV) owners, providing them with a swift and convenient solution.
  • Tata Power is set to deploy DC fast chargers with a capacity of 25/30 KWh, capable of fully charging a four-wheeler within an hour. This rapid charging capability ensures efficient utilization of the chargers, potentially accommodating 20-24 vehicles in a single day. The chargers will be in operation 24×7, ensuring uninterrupted accessibility for EV owners.


Q10.Who has been elected as the Chairman of the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI)?

  1. Ramesh Chandra
  2. Navneet Munot
  3. Priya Gupta
  4.  Anil Kumar

Ans:-2)Navneet Munot

  • During a recent Board meeting, Navneet Munot, the Managing Director and CEO of HDFC Asset Management, was elected as the Chairman of the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI). Munot, a distinguished Chartered Accountant and CFA charter holder, brings with him over thirty years of expertise in the financial services domain. He will take over from A Balasubramanian, Managing Director of Aditya Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company, who is concluding two consecutive terms in October.