Can Aspirants apply from different state in IBPS Clerical VI


Can Aspirants apply from different state in IBPS Clerical VI

Dear Aspirants

We are coming across such questions constantly from students. We would like to tell you that any aspirant can apply from any state across India. Any aspirant just need to have a local address in that state. Any aspirant can use the address details of his relatives if required.

But in case a candidate change the place of filing the form from “say Rajasthan to Gujarat”, then the candidate if selected will allocated vacancy for the state of Gujarat and not Rajasthan and be getting posting in Gujarat.

A candidate can though apply from any state but it is better if the candidate apply from the states where they have proficiency with the local language.

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Paper Pattern of IBPS Clerical VI

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  • Yes caste certificate are applicable from state to state and they vary accordingly

    You can apply from all north, and central Indian states

  • Quota differs from state to it.
    It is preferable if u fill exam from your home state or state where u hold the quota

  • aman verma

    sir , i want to know that which states prefer hindi as a local language ?
    please provide the state list from where i can apply with hindi as a local language.

    Also there is any requirement of domicile or caste certificate of that state form i wish to apply like i wish to apply from delhi then it is necessary to have a domicile or caste certificate of delhi as i am from rajasthan.

  • sudeepgangal

    No its our advice that you fill the form from MP only. Reason is reservation differs from state to state. And if you apply from UP, you need to produce OBC certificate from UP

  • ajit Yadav

    Sir I belong to obc in mp but I want to fill my form up, so my question is – am I eligible to apply With obc category in up or I have to opt general category? Which category should I choose.

  • it is preferable that you know the local language. Though as per IBPS norms its not mandatory but its preferable.

  • There is a case of local language also