Time and Distance Set 4


Time and Distance Set 4

Time and Distance Questions are very important for competitive exams. Time and distance question count to 2-3 questions in competitive exams.

Q1. A train passes two persons walking in the same direction at a speed of 3 km/h and 5 km/h, respectively in 10 s and 11 s, respectively. The speed of the train is
(a) 28 km/h
(b) 27 km/h
(c) 25 km/h
(d) 24 km/h

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Q2. In what time will a train 100 m long cross an electric pole, if its speed be 144 km/h ?
(a) 2.5 s
(b) 5 s
(c) 12.5 s
(d) 3(5/4) s

Q3. A train 50 m long passes a platform 100 m long in 10 s. The speed of the train in km/h is
(a) 10
(b) 54
(c) 15
(d) 100

Q4. A train of length 500 ft crosses a platform of length 700 ft in 10 s. The speed of the train is
(a) 70 ft/s
(b) 85 ft/s
(c) 100 ft/s
(d) 120 ft/s

Answers to the quiz and More questions are attached in the Sehpaathi Test Application below

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Test: Time-Distance-Set4

Q5. A train, with a uniform speed, crosses a platform, 162 m long in 18 s and another platform, 120 m long in 15 s. The speed of the train is
(a) 14 km/h
(b) 42 km/h
(c) 50.4 km/h
(d) 67.2 km/h


1 – C

2 – A

3 – B

4 – D

5 – C