Country and their Parliaments


Country and their Parliaments

Dear Sehpaathians

With many competitive exams round the corner General Awareness Questions are very important. We are here with a list of Country and their Capitals

Country Parliament
Afghanistan Hal-O-Aqad (National Assembly)
Bhutan Tshogdu (National Assembly)
Brazil National Congress
Britain Parliament (House of commons or house of congress)
Canada Parliament (House of Commons and Senate congress
Colombia Congress
Cuba National assembly of people’s power
Denmark Folketing
Egypt People’s Assembly
France National Assembly
Germany Bundestag & Bundsrat
Hungary National Assembly
Iceland Althing
Indonesia People’s consultative assembly
Iran Majlis
Iraq National Assembly
Israel Knesset
Japan Diet
Korea (North) Supreme People’s assembly
Korea (South) National Assembly
Kuwait National Assembly
Malaysia Majlis
Myanmar Pyithu Hluttaw
Nepal National Panchayat
Netherlands The states general
New Zealand Parliament (House of Representatives)
Norway Storting
Poland Sejm
Romania Grand National Assembly
Russia Supreme soviet
South Africa House of Assembly
Spain Certes
Switzerland Federal Assembly
U.S.A Congress (house of representatives and senate)
Zaire National Legislative assembly

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