Average Questions Set – 7


Average Questions Set – 7

Q1. The average score of Rahul Dravid after 25 innings is 46 runs per innings. If after the 26th innings, his average runs increased by 2 runs, then what is his score in the 26th inning?
(a) 98
(b) 50
(c) 58
(d) 60

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Q2. The average of 4 positive number is A and the average of all the possible triplets formed out of these four positive numbers is B. Which of the following is true regarding A and B?
(a) A = B
(b) A > B
(c) A < B
(d) Cannot be determined

Q3. Lovely goes to Patna from New Delhi at a speed of 40 km/h and returns with a speed of 60 km/h. What is her average speed during the whole journey?
(a) 48
(b) 67
(c) 50
(d) 49

Answers to the quiz and More questions are attached in the Sehpaathi Test Application below

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Q4. The average age of the 5 members of a family is 20 years. The youngest member of the family is 4 years old. At the time of his birth, the average age of the rest of the family was N years. What is the average age of the family (in terms of N) excluding the youngest member?
(a) N+4
(b) N+2
(c) N+3
(d) N+5

Q5. 10 kg of rice priced at Rs.12 per kg is mixed with 6 kg of rice priced at Rs. 16 per kg. What is the average price of the whole mixture?
(a) Rs13.5/kg
(b) Rs12.5/kg
(c) Rs17.5/kg
(d) Rs15.5/kg


  1. A            2. A        3. C         4. a          5. A