Banking Awareness PDF 46


Banking Awareness pdf 46

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            banking awareness

            Hello Readers,

            This is another sheet on banking awareness Questions. This material will help you know more about Banking Awareness questions related to Daily Banking Operations. These questions are often asked upcoming IBPS PO/RRB/Clerk/SO exams and other banking exams as well. This sheet is based on questions on day to day banking operations

            A Quick Review

            1. Maximum tenor for placing term deposit with Bank is
            A) 5 years
            B) 8 years
            C) 10 years
            D) 12 years
            E) None of these

            2. Bank B grants and overdraft to ABC Ltd. Against book debts. This is secured by:
            A) Hypothecation
            B) Mortgage
            C) Pledge
            D) Assignment
            E) None of these

            3. Loan for fish rearing is covered under Priority sector as ________ advances
            A) Direct Agriculture
            B) Self Employed Scheme
            C) Indirect Agriculture
            D) Allied to indirect agriculture
            E) None of these

            4. SWIFT founded in
            A) 1973
            B) 1974
            C) 1975
            D) 1976
            E) None of these

            Banking Awareness Questions: Banking Awareness Sheet 46

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