Which Is better? Nationalized PO or RRB PO


Which Is better? Nationalized PO or RRB PO

After Getting queries regarding the same from many candidates we are here with a comparison between a Probationary officer who will be joining A nationalized Bank to a Probationary Officer who will be joining a Regional Rural Bank.


What are the Similarities:

  • Position in both the cases is of an assistant Manager and salary drawn is same (there is only slight difference in HR).
  • Both of them are into banking services.

Salary Of An officer In A RRB

Salary of An officer in Nationalized Bank

What the the differences:

  • Scale of work  in nationalized banks is more than that of Regional Rural banks. In nationalized banks you will get an opportunity to visit different places, work in different departments.
  • Transfers of Probationary officer in Nationalized banks can be done across India where as in Regional Rural banks transfers are only possible in areas of the state where bank is functional.
  • Nationalized banks contribution is done by the way of New Pension Scheme where as RRB’s are still following the old PF way of contribution. There is a wide difference in amount of contribution done by Nationalized banks to that of RRB’s.
  • RRB’s are mostly located in villages.

What Should You Choose:

Both positions have their own advantages and disadvantages. We are here with a few points which can help you select your desired position to join.

  • If you want to be near home  and want a life which is less risky, you must go for Regional Rural Banks. Usually the advances done in these banks are small and are related to agriculture. Family can be more stable if you join a RRB.
  • If you want to grow, learn different things, visit different places, enjoy relocating, adaptable to different working conditions you must choose Nationalized Banks.

We hope the above post has helped many of you to decide which is better for you

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