Is UPSC Upper age limit will be Reduced to 26 from 32 ??


Is UPSC Upper age limit will be Reduced to 26 from 32 ??

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There is a speculation that government is considering to reduce the age limit to 26 from 32 years for general category candidates.

If this speculation comes of to be true it will be a historical change in the UPSC pattern. To what we are hearing is that the Govt. is planning to cut down the age limit of 26 years in a span of 5-7 years by reducing 1 year in age every year. Currently The average age in which aspirants are getting selected for elite services is between 28-30. Though We have not heard any word over the age limit of SC/ST candidates who are given an extra of 5 years above Gen Candidates and are admitted to elite services upto age of 37 years.

What is our Thinking over the Speculation:

According to us, this change in UPSC pattern is next to impossible change. This is due to the fact that aspirants require a time span of around 2-3 years to compete for the elite examination. The average age of aspirants qualifying is 28-30 years. If the age limit is reduced it will be to a maximum of 30 years. The change in age limit will also be a coming in a span of many years.

We will keep you updated on the latest news on the issue

Extracts Taken from  : Economic Times

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