Tricks to solve Alphabetical Problems


Tricks to solve Alphabetical Problems

We are here among you on explanation on how to solve alphabetic problems. We found these videos online and consider them as the best explanatory material on the same. We are sharing among you the VIDEOS.

Exercise On Alphabetical Problems
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

We are feeling very proud to share the videos among our visitors. Thanks team Current Affairs Funda For Sharing the videos online

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  • Rajya lakshmi

    ok thank you

  • Either a or are true
    Reason is
    If a=c then it cannot be a cannot be greator than c
    And vice versa

  • Rajya lakshmi

    okay sir. sir i had one doubt,yesterday i gave sbi clerks exam,
    inequality like A>= B = C

    1) A>C

    1) both 1 and 2 true
    2) either 1 or 2
    3) only 1
    4) only 2
    5) neither 1 nor 2

    whats the answer? option 1 or 2? if so pls explain it sir

  • Dear Rajyalaxmi The best way to solve such questions is to start from the end.
    Answer is 9.

    16th number from left is ‘6’, then 4th no to the right of 6 is ‘3’ and third no of right of 3 is ‘9’

  • Rajya lakshmi

    dear team, i liked your videos,uploaded one image ,kindly explain answer for that