Tricks and Tips to solve Time, Speed and Distance problems


Tricks and Tips to solve Time, Speed and Distance problems

Here, we shall acquaint you with different concepts in many topics as relative speed, average speed, time and distance

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Distance covered, time and speed are related by

  • Speed = Distance / Time
  • Time = Distance / Speed
  • Distance = Speed X Time

Distance is measured in metres, kilometers or miles

Time in hours, minutes or seconds and speed in Km/h (kmph), m/h (mph), or m/s (mps)

  • To convert speed of an object from km/h to m/s, multiply the speed by 5/18
  • To convert speed of an object from m/s to km/h, multiply the speed by 18/5


Case I: To find out Average speed

If some distance is travelled at ‘x’ km/h and the same distance is travelled at ‘y’ km/h. Then, the average speed during the whole journey

Average Speed = 2xy / x+y km/h

Case II: To find One-way distance

If a person travels a certain distance at ‘x’ km/h and returns at ‘y’ km/h and the time taken to the whole journey is ‘T’ hours then the one way distance is:

One way distance = T (xy / x+y) km/h

Case III: To find out ‘Speed’ of different persons:

If two persons A and B start their journey at the same time from 2 points P and Q towards each other & after crossing each other they take ‘a’ and ‘b’ hours in reaching ‘P’ and ‘Q’ respectively

A’s speed / B’s speed =  underroot ‘b’/underroot ‘a’

Case IV: To find out the ‘Distance’

If the same distance is covered at 2 different speeds S1 and S2 and the time taken to cover the distance are T1 and T2 , then the distance is given by

Distance = (S1 S2 / S1  -S2) * (T1 -T2)