Tips to Clear Cut off in English Section in SBI Clerk Prelims Exam


Tips to Clear Cut off in English Section in SBI Clerk Prelims Exam


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Most of our Sehpaathi followers are asking tips to clear the English Section in the upcoming SBI Clerk Prelims examination. Here we have provided more useful and easy tips to get pass mark in the English Section, and this will really help the candidates those who are facing struggle to clear the English Section.

English Language Section Pattern in SBI Clerk Prelims Exam:

Number of Questions30
Total Marks30


Expected Questions in English Section

1.)  Reading Comprehension, Synonyms/Antonyms based on passage (10 Questions)

2.)  Cloze Test (5 Questions)

3.)  Error Spotting (5 Questions)

4.)  Fill in the blanks (5 Questions)

5.)  Parajumbles (5 Questions)

Reading Comprehension

  • In Reading Comprehension, among the 10 questions, 6 questions will be asked from the paragraph and 4 questions will ask as synonyms and antonyms.
  • Orally go through the paragraph, if it is given about any story means start reading it, if it is given from Economic or Finance News, don’t waste your time by reading it, just skip the first 6 questions and directly come to the Synonyms and Antonyms part. Here you can easily get 4 marks.
  • To answer the Synonyms and Antonyms questions, daily practice with more English Vocabulary.

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Reading Comprehension: Minimum- 4 Marks

Cloze Test

  • Next Important and easiest part in the English Section is Cloze Test, in SBI Clerk Prelims we expect 5 questions from Cloze Test. Read the passage carefully and try to related the options with the passage.
  • And here is a simple trick to score mark in this section. Carefully see the options given below the questions and check whether the same option is repeated in the passage. If the same word in the option, repeated in the passage means then definitely that word will be the correct answer.

Quizzes of Cloze test

Cloze Test: Minimum- 2 Marks

Error Spotting

If you have clear idea about the Basic English Grammar means you can attend this Error Spotting question, otherwise don’t try this.

How to approach spotting error question in banking exam?

Fill in the blanks

  • Fill in the blanks is another easy part to score mark; SBI Clerk Prelims consist of 5 Questions from fill in the blanks.
  • Read the questions twice and clearly identify the correct option which was give below. There will be two words in an option, compare the both word in the blanks and find the correct option. In this section surely you can score minimum 3 marks easily.

Fill in the Blanks: Minimum- 3 Marks


  • Here you have to rearrange the jumbled sentence in the correct order, 5 questions will be asked in this model.
  • Usually in this type of questions you can easily find the first and last sentence.

Parajumbles: Minimum- 2 Marks

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Total: 11 Marks

Here if you attended 11 questions and if you answered all the 11 questions correctly means, you will get bonus marks for accuracy.

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