Tips to Solve Coherent Paragraph


Tips to Solve Coherent Paragraph

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In this post we’ve compiled all the important Tips  to Solve Coherent Paragraph Questions.

What is Coherent Paragraph

Coherence means “Logical and consistent, forming a unified whole“, A coherent paragraph has all the sentences so well arranged that not one could be interchanged with another. And there is a misfit sentence with respect to the theme or the context.

Find the common theme 

Take a bird’s eye view and find out the overall context the passage. This will help you reach that misfit link of the paragraph. This sentence is “out of context” in the paragraph as it neither expresses the coherence nor supplements to the common theme. One not only needs to find the misfit sentence but also unscramble the remaining para in order to reach the correct answer.

Alphanumeric Problems

Identify the opening sentence 

Another approach to untangle this kind of questions is to find out the opening statement of the paragraph. An opening statement or introductory statement of the paragraph tells you in which direction, the paragraph will take off.

Spot the links

The strategy to solve this type of tricky questions is to decode the jumbled paragraphs first and then pick out the ‘out of context sentence’
All the sentences except the odd one must be following a proper sequence when put together and providing a coherent meaning. So approach it as para jumble question first.

Flow contrast 

Read the statements thoroughly and find out the statement that does not go with the flow of the idea when statements are put together. It is necessary to ensure that the idea and action expressed in the jumbled paragraph move in the same line, any sentence expressing a different idea and differing the coherent formation of the paragraph will be an out of context sentence.

Alphanumeric Problems

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