How to tackle SBI PO Prelims Mistakes in IBPS PO Prelims 2016 ?


“ If you want good things to happen in your life, you first have to believe good things are possible for you.“


IBPS PO Prelim 2016 is approaching and most of the aspirants must have already commenced their preparation for the exam. We are sure that most of the candidates who appeared for SBI PO Prelim must also be appearing for IBPS PO. Even the brilliant candidates end up committing mistakes which lead to failure in the SBI-PO exam.

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We prepare this article which will share tips on how to tackle the mistakes committed in SBI PO exam while appearing for IBPS PO Prelim 2016.

Mistake 1: Inappropriate Time Management

Inappropriate Time management is the biggest hurdle in getting through the prelims. A major reason for this is candidates’ failure to formulate an appropriate time-management strategy prior to the exam. This occurs when candidates waste a lot of time on questions of which they have no idea or attempt the exam in a linear order. This problem also occurs when candidates are not used to attempting tests online.

Remedy: Candidates must formulate an appropriate time-management strategy prior to appearing for the exam. They should make a strategic plan on how much time to devote to each section based on their personal strengths and weaknesses. They must also practice ample IBPS-PO Prelims Online Mocks to get used to taking tests online.


Mistake 2 : Use of Lengthy Problem Solving Methods

A common mistake committed by a majority of candidates is making use of lengthy problem-solving methodologies while attempting the exam. This is a major hurdle since it wastes a lot of precious time.

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Remedy: The most probable way to rectify this mistake is to leave out such time consuming questions for the end. You must use shortcuts and time-saving tricks wherever possible. You must however practice these shortcuts and time saving techniques well in advance before the exam.


Mistake 3: Getting obsessed with one Section

Candidates follow the incorrect approach of completing an entire section at once. This consumes a lot of precious time and affects the overall performance.

Remedy: Candidates must pay attention to all sections equally since each section carries equal importance. 20-20-20 strategy works best here. It enables you to first secure the sectional cut-off and leaves time to safely clear the overall cut-off.


Mistake 4: Faulty Question Selection

Candidates often fail to get through since they end up attempting lengthy, difficult and time-consuming questions at first.

Remedy: Candidates must first attempt the questions which they find easy and are confident of. Leave the lengthy and time-consuming questions for the later stage. Remember, lengthy questions are intentionally added to break the concentration and rhythm of the candidates. Skim all the questions of the section before you start attempting. The easy ones might be hidden at the end.


Mistake 5: Reckless Guesswork

Candidates often have the tendency to attempt questions through blind guesswork. This severely impacts performance due to negative marking.

Remedy: Candidates must attempt questions through intelligent guesswork and must eliminate the options systematically. Candidates must alsways take calculative risk only, based on the expected cut-off.


Mistake 6: Lack of Practice

Candidates often fail due to dearth of adequate practice. Candidates take the exam lightly and believe in last moment preparation.

Remedy: Candidates must start their preparation well in time and must practice a variety of MCQs from different books. An adequate number of mock tests must also be attempted before the exam as the force the candidate to attempt the tests in a time bound manner.


Just because you did not clear SBI-PO Prelims does not mean that things will be the same in IBPS-PO. So be ready to put in extra effort and believe in yourself.


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