Syllogism Questions (Old Pattern) Set 44


Syllogism Questions (Old Pattern) Set 44

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Syllogism Questions are very important in every competitive examination. This set is based on questions on a given set of information, which are to be solved on basis of 7 rules. We will be updating you with all type of syllogism Questions on a daily basis.

Directions (1-5): In the questions below are given two conclusions followed by five set of statements. You have to choose the correct set of statements that logically satisfies given conclusions either definitely or possibly. Assume the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts.

Q1. Statements. Statements: Some bird are tree. All tree are forest. No tree is man. All man are air. Some man arecow. No cow is lion.
(a) Some birdare forest.
(b)Some bird is not man.
(c) All bird being lion is a possibility.
(d) All cow being tree is a possibility.
(e)Some forest is not man

Q2. Statements: All moon are star. All star are light. Some light is stone. Some forest is blue. No blue is kite. All kite is machine.
(a) All moon being forest is a possibility.
(b) All moon being blue is a possibility.
(c) Some forest is not kite.
(d) All blue being machine is a possibility.
(e) All forest being kite is a possibility.

Q3. Statements: Some man is hair. No hair is child. All hand is child. No hand is eye. Some eye is nose. All nose are elbow.
(a)No hair is hand.
(b)Some man is not child.
(c) Some nose is not hand.
(d)Some eye is elbow.
(e) All man being child is a possibility.

Q4. Statements: All street is green. Some green is city. All city is tree. No city is Lion. All mobile is lion. Some mobile is network.
(a)Some tree is green
(b)Some network is lion
(c)Some tree is not lion
(d)Some green is not lion
(e)Some Street is city

Q5. Statements: All time is clock. Some time is minute. All minute is stone. No stone is door. All door is car. No car is bus.
(a)Some time is stone.
(b)Some clock is stone.
(c)No minute is door.
(d)No stone is car.
(e)Some car is not bus.


1)D             2)E            3)E          4)E           5)D

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