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Syllogism Questions Set 18

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Syllogism Questions are very important in every competitive examination. This set is based on questions on a given set of information, which are to be solved on basis of 7 rules. We will be updating you with all type of syllogism Questions on a daily basis.

Directions—(Q. 1–5) In questions given below, statements 1 and 2 are followed by conclusions I and II. Taking the statements to be right although they may seem at variance with commonly accepted facts, mark your answers as under—

1. Statements : Some bags are trunks.
Some shirts are books
All trunks are shirts
All books are shops
Conclusions :
I. Some shops are bags.
II. Some Books are bags
III. Some Shops are shirts
IV. Some Shirts are bags
(A) Only I and II Follows
(B) Only I and III Follows
(C) Only III and IV Follows
(D) Only II and IV Follows
(E) None of these

2. Statements : All pens are chairs
All Flowers are chairs
All Chairs are trucks
All trees are trucks
Conclusions :
I. Some Trucks are pens.
II. Some Trucks are chairs
III. Some Trees are pens
IV. Some Trees are chairs
(A) Only I and III follows
(B) Only I and II Follows
(C) Only III and IV Follows
(D) Only II and IV follows
(E) None of these

3. Statements :
All desks are pillars.
All towns are benches
Some pillars are towns
Some Benches are cars
Conclusions :
I. Some Cars are towns
II. Some benches are desks
III. Some benches are pillars
IV. Some Cars are pillars
(A) None follows
(B) Only I follows
(C) Only II follows
(D) Only III follows
(E) Only IV follows

4. Statements :
All stations are houses
No house is garden
Some garden are rivers
All rivers are ponds
Conclusions :
I. Some ponds are gardens
II. Some ponds are stations
III. Some ponds are houses
IV. No Pond is station
(A) Only I follows
(B) Only either II or IV follows
(C) Only I and II follows
(D) Only I and IV follows
(E) None of these

5. Statements : All chairs are tables. All tables are cushions. Some cushions are trolleys. All trolleys are lamps.
Conclusions :
I. Some towers are lanes
II. Some roads are lanes
III. Some Jungles are towers
IV. No Jungle is a road
(A) Only I follows
(B) Only II follow
(C) Only either I or IV follows
(D) Only IV Follows
(E) None of these

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